NASA Fifth “Voyager” Reached the Red Planet and Created History

NASA Fifth “Voyager”
Image Credit: NASA

After four rovers’ success stories, the fifth one by NASA already touched down on Mars ‘ surface. This is only the commencement of almost 293 million miles of roving.

NASA added another feather to their cap On February 18, when the clock reached 12:56 pm on Thursday. From the first moment of arrival, NASA’s fifth “wanderer” started exploring and sent the initial picture of the red planet’s surface very fast. Mars’ surface is mainly stony as well as full of grim.

Researchers celebrates at NASA when River touched down the red planet

The entire team at NASA started celebrating and almost bounced from California’s jet propulsion research laboratory for the perseverance rover’s arrival on Mars. Amidst these pandemic situations, after lots of challenges, the NASA team succeeded in the most awaited mission. Under every COVID-19 norm, the entire NASA team commemorated victory with safety distant from each other with their mask on.

Last year in July, perseverance took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and it will scout out for obsolete life through Mars Jezero Crater following the discovery of its former lakebed. Scientists said that this Crater is filled with long-dead microorganisms.

NASA’s new instrument takes HD pictures of Mars surface

Perseverance is sending HD pictures from Jezero Crater, which is its new home. The rover can rotate its head or mast full 360 degrees. This feature allows Mastcam-Z to click panorama when it landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

Mastcam-Z is an advanced version of the earlier Mastcam which NASA used in the Curiosity Mars rover. It has two fixed cameras which could take more focal length images than more zoomed pictures.

Once again, the whole world awaits as NASA designed this spacecraft as a sport utility vehicle in size along with a small helicopter undoubtedly, the best is yet to come. Another history will be created when the helicopter will fly on Mars boldly.


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