How to Navigate COVID-related Flight Cancellations

Navigate COVID-related Flight Cancellations

While the current global pandemic has been in full effect for nearly six months, its effects are still being felt around the world. Perhaps nowhere in society has this been felt more than in the travel and tourism sector. COVID-19 has literally grounded the aviation industry to an abrupt halt. Many people had flights booked prior to this situation occurring that they still have not received compensation for. Others are wondering if they should even book a flight now knowing that it may be canceled before the travel day arrives. This is why you will want to know how to effectively navigate COVID-19 related flight cancellations.

Know Who To Talk To

If you have a legitimate flight claim cancellation for EU flights, then you will want to know who to talk to. This will help get your claim in front of the right people so that you can get a speedy resolution. It will also help speed up the rescheduling of your flight should that be your desire. To begin, you will want to look for the customer service counter if you are at the airport. If you aren’t, then calling the airline will be your next best option.

Should You Accept Travel Vouchers?

According to Travel Refund, “canceled flights in Europe have become a major issue.” With a flight claim cancellation for EU flights, you might find that you are offered a travel voucher. You will want to think twice before accepting this as it will negate any possible right that you have to a cash refund. Travel vouchers also must be used on the same airline. If you are comfortable with the terms and are ready to move on from your claim, then travel vouchers may be a viable option for you.

Look For Lodging Vouchers if You Are Stranded

You may find yourself in the unenviable position of being stuck away from home when your flight is canceled due to COVID-19. If that is the case, then you may need to stay put for a few days until a new flight can be scheduled for you. In that event, you will want to push for a lodging voucher. This will allow you to stay at a hotel near the airport so that you are not stranded for days on end waiting for a new flight to materialize.

Compensation if Flights Are Canceled Due to COVID-19

In many cases, you will be entitled to financial compensation if you have a flight claim cancellation for EU flights. Because this falls outside of the usual exceptions of weather or mechanics, airlines are typically expected to issue a cash refund for such an event as this. However, the speed at which the cash gets to you might leave something to be desired.

While there is no easy answer to this issue, it is helpful to know which direction you should head if your flight is canceled because of COVID-19. Remember that these are uncertain times and that many other people are going through what you are at this exact moment as well. With a bit of patience, you may discover that you can get the compensation you are entitled to and a rebooked flight at the same time.


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