NBA 2k20: Features and Editions, Price, Release Date and Availability of Game

NBA 2k20

NBA is a long-running basketball game, and its 2k20 edition is on the way. We don’t know too much about NBA 2k20 but there a few details that we have. Let’s talk about this highly anticipated game. This year the pre-orders will start on all platforms.

Here we will talk about its the release date, platforms, edition, and other features of the game.

However, a tweet came in front of the audience from the basketball star Renee Montgomery that hints may be NBA 2k20 is debuting.

Features And Editions of NBA 2k20

The title of NBA 2k20 features a revamped style with more realistic animation. This year edition will come with improving the off-ball system and tangibility of the ball. Some also suggest that the next title will also feature one of the worst microtransaction. Well, fans can buy all the skins and exclusive perks with real money.

\We expect that it have two variants: One is Standard Edition and a second one special edition that will ship with additional features of the players. It will be available with bonuses VC worth 100,000 and My TEAM points worth 50,000.

Release Date of NBA 2k20

The release date is not confirmed yet, but it is expecting that the NBA 2k20 will release in May or June 2019. Preorders will start after the announcement. It will be available in stores in September ahead of the holidays. We expect special edition will reach after some days of the standard version.


NBA 2k20 game will be available on major platforms such as Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Price of NBA 2K20

The standard version of NBA 2k20 price will start at $59.99, and the special version may be more costly. The previous Edition of NBA 2k19 was sold out at 99.99$ at launch date. There is no deal yet with its standard version, but you can expect some before the game’s release date.


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