North Korea Threatens US of Building More Nukes Citing America’s Hostility

North Korea Threatens US

Kim Jong of North Korea threatens US stating that they will expand their nuclear arsenal. Kim Jong Un reveals that by developing a better weapon system, they will do so. According to Seoul’s state media reports, the future relations between North Korea and the US depends on the latter’s decisions regarding hostile policies.

Leader Kim Jong Un’s statement during a press conference was more like a threat to the new US President. The US officials are assuming that this is an attempt to create pressure on President-elect Joe Biden.

On the other hand, a reaction like this seems more evident after Biden called the North Korean leader a “thug.” Moreover, he had been continually criticizing all of Un’s summits with ex-US President Trump.

In the same interview in which North Korea threatens the US, Kim Jong Un states that he will not attack first. He makes it clear that he intends to retaliate using the nuclear arsenal if the US attacks.

He highlights that North Korea must strengthen its nuclear and military capability. It seems that the North Korean officials are speculating on a US invasion in the near future.

North Korea threatens US after calling out invasion drills

During the interview, it was unclear whether Kim Jong Un was trying to point out a specific American action. However, he has undoubtedly criticized several drills between the US and South Korea earlier.

The US hostility proofs include American surveillance aircraft, military teams in South Korea, and more. Besides, North Korea believes that the hostility drills were all invasion trials. However, all the allies are denying such allegations.

According to reports, Kim Jong Un has already ordered his officials to prepare multiple-warhead missiles. Plus, he also demands underwater missiles, nuclear submarines, and spy satellites. He believes that the country must prepare itself for a precision attack capacity on the 9,320 miles (15,000 km) target striking range.

It is an indirect hint at the US mainland area. Kim Jong now wants to encourage technology that is capable of manufacturing lighter and smaller nuclear warheads. These can fit the tops of the long-range missiles better.

Kim says that it will be both dangerous and foolish to sit back at this moment when the enemy is gearing up already. It is evident that the US has a state of the art weapon system, and North Korea needs to reach the same level.

Kim Jong Un is facing severe problems at present.

According to the North Korean leader, there is only one way to attain prosperity and peace. It will happen only if there is enough potential in the North Korean defense to suppress American military threats.

There are still doubts about whether North Korea can develop a weapon system as good as that of the US. Moreover, North Korea is one of the most cloistered nations worldwide. Therefore, the exact status estimates regarding the missiles and nuclear programs vary a lot.

The North Korean Congress party reveals that Kim Jong Un is severely worried. Moreover, the discussion regarding the country’s present military and defense status went on for nine hours. Congress is the body responsible for finalizing all the significant decisions of the Worker’s Party.

Sources reveal that Kim is facing one of the most challenging times since he took the chair nine years back. Besides, he is still unable to cope up with the triple blow towards his already-weak economy.

He is pointing towards the worsening external trade situation of the country due to the pandemic. Besides, there are US sanctions and the natural disasters of 2020. During one of his latest speeches, the North Korean leader confessed that the situation is worst right now.


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