Data Privacy Opinion From a Legal Theory Aspect

Data Privacy

Right to privacy is a basic human right which is globally acknowledged via United Nations, also it is considered as a human right in the European Convention of Human Rights and it is connected with other rights, but when it comes to data privacy the confidence falters and usually, this is because of the internet.

Data privacy is not specified along with the declaration of human rights. Most people think that privacy and data privacy are the same. They are maybe the same, but in many cases, people agree with the terms and conditions of some social media companies as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they “give away” their data privacy, which some companies use or even sell to other companies, which latest scandals showed.

The main thing is how everything actually works and who is controlling all data on the internet, there are few theories about the “owner” of all data, some respondents think that is the owner of social media companies, but other respondents think that the government is responsible, despite this problem there are many more.

All people have IP address, from IP address anyone can get information about that person, where the person lives (in which country, city and street), a person can be tracked etc. and that usually affects on cybersecurity and security in general of individuals.

Some information along with data privacy and cybersecurity is also used in cyber wars, usually bigger countries as the United States of America, Russia, China etc. are affected by these situations.

There are few ways of changing data privacy for better future in society, these require: thoughtful methods, proper management of thirds parties, effective and transparent communication with all people involved in data privacy relations and encouraging government, international organizations and companies on passing the law, implementing the new data privacy law and cooperation between these actors.

From legal theory aspect, data privacy should be a human right. Everybody needs to be respected, secured, and treated equally. Today almost all people in the world use internet, all information is stored in data storage which is reasonable. But, who has the right to look, search and use data? That is the main question, also which countries should have supervision under that data and storage. Looking till 20th-century people been safer, the internet did not exist and traffic of information was slower and bad quality.

It is important to use the internet to share or obtain knowledge, but in many cases, it is used for illegal activities or people put every single information on every single way on the internet.


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