People are infected with HIV by Contaminated Syringe in Pakistan

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As you know, HIV/AIDS is now spreading in the young generation, even though in kids. In previous days, the news released on the Larkana district where some cases are seen who was suffering from HIV-positive.

The official report by Dr. Memon

The officials’ sources blame, HIV is spreading among people in Southern Pakistan. Above five hundred people have been tested for HIV. In Larkana, around 14000 individuals were tested positive from which 410 children are suffering from HIV positive. It is the official news by Dr.Memon.

More HIV positive Test was done in Larkana And Reason Behind the Outbreak of HIV

Now recently blood screening test for HIV is conducted of 29 patients in Rato Dero that place located in outside Larkana.

Doctors were concentrating on the reason for spreading this epidemic disease among patients. So according to the doctor, the contaminated syringe is the reason for spreading HIV.

However, Dr. Muzaffar Ghangharo denied all the allegations who also suffering from HIV. Still, research is doing on it, and authorities are considering the outbreak could be the result of widespread.

United Nation Roles in Treatment of HIV.

Medical aid practices are also getting from the UN, so they become a part of the team and trying to investigate the outbreak. There could be many other reasons for HIV outbreak such as unhygienic conditions. A statement was revealed, according to it, 600,000 unqualified doctors are operating unlawfully in Pakistan. 270,000 out of 600,000 are working in Sindh province where Larkana located.

So it could be the reason for the outbreak of HIV in Larkana where also HIV are found in children. People are less educated and have not awareness about the disease in this area. Therefore, parents are demanding to screen off their children and treatment for HIV positive.

Worse Condition of this Epidemic Disease- Report by Dr. Borromeo

The most shocking thing told by Dr. Borromeo, the two-month-old child is also suffering this dangerous disease. Therefore, these children would suffer the consequences in their lives. But now there is an alarming situation for Pakistan because the UN’s Global Fund will only provide antiretroviral therapy until December 2020.  So let’s see how the government will deal next to this epidemic disease.


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