Pitney Bowes: Pioneering Modern Delivery Services


Pitney Bowes, with its century-long legacy, stands as a testament to the evolving world of commerce and communication. Established in 1920, this global technology company has been at the forefront of many innovations, particularly in the realms of mailing, shipping, and financial services. Over the years, Pitney Bowes has seamlessly integrated modern technology into its offerings, ensuring both businesses and consumers receive top-notch services tailored to their ever-changing needs.

A History of Innovation

From its early beginnings, Pitney Bowes was a trailblazer. The company was foundational in revolutionizing the mailing industry with the invention of the first commercially available postage meter. This spirit of innovation did not wane over time; instead, it expanded to envelope digital commerce solutions, data management, and a myriad of e-commerce services.

E-commerce and Global Shipping

One of the key areas where Pitney Bowes has made significant strides is in e-commerce. Recognizing the burgeoning potential of online shopping, the company quickly adapted, offering solutions that cater to both businesses and their customers. Their global shipping program, for instance, ensures parcels are delivered across continents with ease, bridging the gap between sellers and global consumers.

Tracking Made Simple

In the modern world, merely shipping a parcel isn’t enough; transparency is crucial. To this end, numerous third-party websites have emerged to offer easy tracking solutions for Pitney Bowes shipments. One such platform is https://pitneybowestracking.com/. While not an official site, it provides users with a convenient way to monitor the whereabouts of their packages, ensuring they are always informed about the status of their deliveries.

Sustainability and Responsibility

As a global leader, Pitney Bowes is acutely aware of its responsibilities towards the environment and communities. The company’s sustainable practices are evident in their operations, from reducing carbon footprints to ensuring a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

The Future is Bright

With a century of experience and innovation under its belt, the future looks promising for Pitney Bowes. As it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing technological landscape, one thing remains constant: its unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.


Pitney Bowes, with its rich history and forward-thinking approach, remains a pivotal player in the world of commerce and communication. Whether it’s through pioneering mailing solutions, global shipping services, or supporting sustainable practices, the company’s legacy is one of innovation and dedication. As the world of e-commerce and digital communication continues to expand, Pitney Bowes is well-positioned to lead the charge into the future.


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