PS3 Controller on PC

ps3 controller on pc

Introducing PS3 controller on PC 

PS3 is a famous and popular video game support or console that general people play at home. Sony Computer Entertainment has developed it. Moreover, ps3 controller on pc is the inheritor of PS2. Firstly, this company released this game in November 2006. They have released it in Japan for the first time. After that, six days later of the first release, they released it in North America. After one week, they released it in Australia and Europe. Howard Stringer acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment. This console used the Blu-ray Disc first in the world. It used this for storing data. Moreover, PS3 had 14 titles when the company released it in North America. The company has sold about 87.4 million units in the whole world up to March 2017. Therefore, they made a worldwide business of huge amount of money.

Besides, the company has developed many accessories and controllers for this game. Wireless DualShock controllers and Sixaxis controllers are very popular among them. Moreover, the BD Remote, the PlayTV DVD-T tuner, Eye camera of the PlayStation are some common and popular accessories. However, this company released them only for the PS3. 


Different accessories of PS3 controller on PC 

The company declared the launch of the regular Sixaxis controller. This controller is wireless. They announced it at a press conference of Sony in 2006. The basic design of PS2’s DualShock 2 controller is similar to this controller. The only difference is the Sixaxis controller is wireless. It lacks vibration quality. Besides, it has a default accelerometer and some cosmetic nips. 


This company arranged another press conference in Tokyo in 2007. They declared a new controller for PS3. Its name was DualShock 3. It had similar features, design, and functions to Sixaxis. The difference is it has vibration capability. This controller is a little bit heavier than a typical Sixaxis controller. Firstly, this company released this controller in November 2007 in Japan. Besides, in April 2008, they launched it in North America. Finally, they released it in European countries on July 2 of 2008. 


Finally, Sony made a plan to launch one type of motion controller. Its name was PS Move. They planned to release it in 2010. They released it in Europe first on September 15, 2010. After that, they released it in North America and Japan. On October 13 of that year, they declared an official framed sound system. This system was for PS3 through its official YouTube channel.  


PS3 controller on PC – game controllers in detail

Sony has produced different types of accessories for the PS3 game console. They are audio input devices, video input devices, controllers, cables, and video cameras. Besides, these accessories control the picture and sound quality and make them better. In this context, we will discuss some PS3 controllers.



The Sixaxis is a wireless controller. Moreover, it was the official version of the wireless controller that players can use for PS3. These controllers were available to buy individually in Japan. The company sold these controllers without a USB cable. Besides, this controller consists of motion-sensing equipment. Its design is very amazing. Above all, it is one kind of evolution of its previous version, the DS2 controller. 


DualShock 3

DualShock is the successor of Sixaxis. It is similar to Sixaxis in the case of design and functions. However, it has some new features like vibration capability. Generally, it is identical to the wireless controller Sixaxis. But, it has its trademark on the top of its body. The trademark is ‘DUALSHOCK 3’. The company released this controller in Japan on January 11, 2008. 


Wireless Keypad

Sony Computer Entertainment had launched this peripheral in November 2008 in Europe. Moreover, they launched it in North America in early December of the same year. Finally, it came to Japan in the last part of 2008. It acted as a wireless keyboard. Besides, this wireless keypad had a touchpad button. It was the same as the pointer for the web browser. It permits the surface of this wireless keypad to use as a touchpad. Therefore, the users slide their fingers and can move the pointer. People can connect it with both USB and Bluetooth. 


Charging Stand

This company has released a charging stand for PS3 controllers. Besides, they released the official version of it. Moreover, they launched it in Japan for the first time. They released it in April 2011. It could charge two PS3 controllers at a time. However, users only need a wall plug to provide power.


PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move is a platform for the controller with the motion-sensing feature. The company released this device on June 2, 2009, for the first time. But, they have launched it in a maximum of countries in September of 2010. Besides, they launched it in October 2010 in Japan. During the launch, hardware was available. The hardware was the motion control of PlayStation Move. Sub-controller of this type of controller was also available as optional. 



A distinct type of controller is the buzzer. The Sony Company has designed this type of controller precisely for Buzz. Besides, this controller has a big buzzer button, and its color is red. Besides, it has four tiny buttons. They have different colors. You may use them for selecting answers. It has both wireless and wired versions. This device performs as a solo USB device. It links with a USB port on the PS3. However, a USB dongle is necessary for the wireless version. 


USB controllers

The USB controllers, which are feasible versions, suit the PS3 very well. PS3 supports typical USB devices. However, these devices are a human interface device. They may include joysticks, gamepads, and navigation wheel controllers. It has a specific limitation. It cannot afford the same number of inputs that Sixaxis or DualShock 3 can do. So all players cannot use it always. Practically, wireless controllers are better than this type of controller. 


The system software of PS3 controller on PC 

The other name of the operating system of PS3 is system software. You have to update this system software. You can update this system in several ways:

  • Firstly, if you have an active internet connection, you can download the update directly. You can download it from the PS network. You can then install it easily. Moreover, if your internet connection is always active, it will automatically check for updates. 
  • Secondly, if a user uses a peripheral PC, he should update from the official website. After downloading the update, he should transfer it to portable storage. After that, he would install it to update the system. 
  • There will be some discs for the game, and they will come with the update. This is because sometimes the game requires them. They need an update to run the game. In this case, you have to install the software from the game disc. 

The genuine PS3 includes some abilities which can install other OS like Linux. In the latest slim models, there was no inclusion of them. After getting the firmware update 3.21 in April 2010, they were out from all older consoles of PS3. However, it is only available now to the players of the original console of the game. These players are not fond of updating the software. Besides, some of them will update through third-party or unofficial versions of this software. 


Procedures to connect a PS3 controller on PC

After the installation of the controller properly, it will work automatically. It will work by design with the Stream client. It will also work with any type of PC game. But, the game should support game pads. You can adjust the settings for controlling each game. However, the PC will identify the controller as a controller of Xbox. The player should keep it in mind during the adjustment of mapping the button. You should turn it off after finishing the game. You have to hold down the button of the PS on the core of the controller.

  • Firstly, if you pair your DS3 controller with a PS3, you have to unplug it from the source of power. Otherwise, it will create syncing conflicts. 
  • Then, you should plug the controller into your computer. You can connect it with a tiny USB cable. 
  • Next, you have to download ScpToolkitSetup.exe and then run it. It will help you to download the files you will need. You will just follow it promptly. 
  • The user will require the drivers for the Xbox 360 controller if he uses Windows 7. He has to install it by downloading it from the internet.
  • After you set up this toolkit, you should select the big screen button. You can find it above the Run Driver installer. 
  • After that, you should check the DS3 drivers and Bluetooth drivers if you have installed them properly. 
  • You may not install it unless you have a Bluetooth dongle. 
  • After that, install and choose the PS3 controller and DS3 controllers from the menu. 
  • After finishing the installation, you should select Exit.
  • Finally, the Setting Manager of the ScpToolkit will be present in the system tray. You can connect to another device by selecting it. 

Frequently asked questions related to PS3 controller on PC

  • Is there any possibility of connecting different controllers at a time?
  • Yes. You can. But you will need Bluetooth support. Both of them will require drivers. You can use either Bluetooth or USB to run them.
  • My laptop does not support Bluetooth. How can I connect the PS3 controller?
  • It totally depends on the operating system you use. If you use Windows 10, most of the case, you can connect it with your USB charger.
  • How can I connect a PS3 controller to my PC if I do not have any specific software?
  • It totally depends on your own controller. The official wireless controllers need specific software. However, the unofficial controller does not need any software. Just plug it and play the game. 
  • What can a person do if his PS3 controller is acknowledged by Bluetooth?
  • If his PS3 controller does not support normal USB, he will need a different cable that can support transferring data. A cheaper data cable cannot transfer data. They only can charge. So, he should buy a good data cable. 
  • Can I connect Bluetooth with other devices while using the PS3 controller?
  • No, you cannot connect the Bluetooth with other external devices. Because for using PS3, you have to install some necessary drivers. You can connect with other devices after uninstalling these drivers. 


Wrapping up with PS3 controller on PC

Nowadays, PS3 is very popular for general people who like to play video games at home. But, some people face many problems to connect PS3 controllers on their PCs. However, connecting a PS3 controller on the PC is not very challenging work. The users can easily connect this controller by installing software and following some steps.


If a user faces any problem or error while using the controller, he needs to uninstall it at first. After that, he needs to reinstall the toolkit. But, during installation or uninstallation, you have to remain alert and check the procedure. We have discussed these things in this article.  



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