Psychological Thriller Film “The Intruder”, Review , and DVD, Amazon, iTunes Release

The Intruder

A Psychological Thriller ” The Intruder ” Proves to Be the Best to Sketch Out the Life of Obsessed and Psychological People who May Come up Wandering Anywhere Around us!

The Intruder, a psychological thriller released on May 3, 2019, in the US. The story centers the focus on the lives of Scott and Annie who recently shifted to new a house.

The thrilling turning point involved in the suspicious and mysterious happenings to take place in their lives. The previous owner of the house named Charlie’s kept an eye on the couple as he appeared to be obsessed with his home. Charlie’s interference in Annie and Scott’s life made trouble for the couple. Thus, an array of tension increased between them. Charlie seems to have a psychological disorder which indulged him in such weird and illegal acts.

However, with the progression of the film, Charlie developed an obsession with Annie which leads the Charlie to took some drastic and disastrous steps including several killings.

However, at the end of film viewers witnessed that Charlie tried to rape Annie and Scott reach the spot. In the way of saving Annie, Scott fought with Charlie. Annie called the police and told them that “My husband just shot an Intruder” and then the film ends with the sound of a gunshot.

However, the film set to be available in Digital HD, Amazon Video and iTunes on 16 July 2019.

Now, the viewers can get the Blu-ray and DVD of the film from 30 July 2019.


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