PUBG Mobile Banned in Four Countries by Major Authorities

pubg ban

Globally, PUBG is a popular game, and people have addicted to this game. Almost, every age of people plays it. Therefore, people are not giving enough attention to each other.

According to recent news, this royale game was banned in many countries. Even, police arrested 20 people in India who was playing this game despite the ban. This game has too much lousy effect o child’s brain due to violent nature. Therefore The National Child Rights Commission recommended to banned it due to its violent nature.

Let’s me tell you about some countries where PUBG mobile has banned.

India Banned PUBG Mobile in Many Areas

The Chief Warden of Men’s Hostel of Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil warned the students to play late night games, and PUBG was included in it. He said it has a terrible impact on other hostel fellows and disturbing the atmosphere of the hostel. Students just play this game and stay away from physical activities or games that are very important for them. After that report, India banned PUBG Mobile in many cities such as Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath, Aravalli district that was highlighted areas.

Iraq Parliament banned Royal Battle game “PUBG”

Iraq parliament also banned many online games in which one of PUBG. According to Iraq’s parliament, these are very dangerous for society. This game made by Bluehole, Inc that is a South Korean firm and have a lot of players on the island where they try to fight with each other. There were ten million players on this island, but the government of Iraq has banned this royal battle game.

Supreme Court Nepal banned the PUBG Mobile Game logically

In April, Nepal imposed a ban on the PUBG Mobile and ordered issued by Supreme Court of Nepal. Therefore, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority blocked internet traffic originating from PUBG servers.

Court wrote in the report this is a just entertainment game and harm people’s mind. In that way, the Nepali court proved the decision is fair, wise and logical.

China’s Online Gaming Ethics Committee also listed PUBG in the banned list

China’s Online Gaming Ethics Review Committee assessed twenty games and banned nine from it, and PUBG was also included in this list. The reason for banning PUBG is ” blood and gore.” Committee also said other eleven games need some corrective actions.

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