Read Up Your Way To Success: The Best Influencing Skills Books With A Practical Twist

up Your Way To Success

What’s the best source of knowledge?  Books, of course. Even at the best online influencing skills training, you will inevitably get books or booklets that contain the structured and concise version of everything you’ve heard from coaches. But where to start the exploration? Are there editions that are a must for anyone mastering the persuasion art? Definitely, there are such benchmarks, and in this brief overview, we will point you to the most important books on persuasion you should know – and read. Here is how to read up Your Way To Success by the Influencing Skills Books.

1)     Simply remember this name: Robert Cialdini.

His bestseller ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ is one of the tested classics on the topic of business skills. Cialdini coauthored several important books on persuasion with other scholars, but you should begin your self-education with ‘Influence’. The author summarized a few years of fieldwork in various business areas and derived the principles of persuasion. The brilliant book lists them and explains how to apply them in real life (just like a professional online influencing skills training will do).

2) No formal authority? No problem.

That’s the foundation idea of the book by David Bradford and Allan Cohen ‘Influence without Authority’. More often than not, you do not have any formal or informal power over people you try to persuade. That’s why it is crucial to know the rules on how to make others do what you need without looking aggressive or bossy. Learn about subtle politics and models of behaviors that will let you influence anyone, whether online or offline, without resorting to empty threats or helpless pleading.

3) Make people say ‘yes’ to your offers.

That’s a commonly known thing that if people say ‘yes’ to your small requests, they are more likely to agree with bigger ones. But how does one achieves this persuasion result? Noah Goldstein attempts to answer this question in his book ‘Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion’. The work summarizes the recent research on the topic and offers practical steps to influence people subtly and make them say ‘yes’ to your offers, big and small.

4) An online influencing skills training approach: take a wider look at the problem.

While focusing on the tactical persuasion moves, you may well miss a bigger picture. And no matter what you do, the reputation or customer service of the whole business you promote scares away customers time after time. Stephen R. Covey (yes, that very famous Covey) brings forward the solution for this problem in his work ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. The holistic look at the business ethics and interactions with people will help you understand what your persuasion approach lacks – and fill that void.

5)     When great minds team together.

As we mentioned above, Robert Cialdini coauthored important works on persuasion with other researchers and people experienced in the business. The book ‘The small BIG. Small changes that spark big influence’ is one of such great collaborations of Robert Cialdini, Noah Goldstein, and Steve Martin. They tailor their suggestions for the world currently drowning in communications and information. The minute changes in actions and approaches can gently tip the balance in your favor without overburdening stressed people even more. Such invisible impacts are invaluable in any business area, and the book offers practical suggestions and specific examples of such critical changes.

This impressive reading list does not cancel the need to turn to experts in real life and engage in some good online influencing skills training. An experienced coach will make all pieces of information fit together and work their best for you. 


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