Register your company Logo as a Trademark

Register your company Logo

For business set up in Dubai, there are a number of steps that should be taken very seriously and properly. This is because a trademark protects the name of the business and its intellectual property.

The business consultants in Dubai helps the businesses in providing them with reliable and appropriate Company trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE.

The UAE’s Ministry of Economy accepts all the trademark logo registration applications and all the 7 emirates of UAE considers the trademark logo registration valid.

Difference between trademark and other Intellectual Property in UAE

Trademark of the company is basically an identification mark which differentiates it from other companies and brands. Trademark can either be a sign, a picture, a log, a signature, a sound or more.

Intellectual property is a wide term, and trademark is a category of it. The trademarks are related to the names and logos. The other kinds of intellectual property rights businesses can be patents, copyrights, industrial designs, etc.

Trademark registration

The trademark registration is very important for businesses in the UAE.  there are different firms in UAE which help the companies in getting efficient and affordable trademark services in UAE. they have the best team having the best legal experts who know about the laws and orders of trademark registration.

They conduct extensive and comprehensive trademark research before filing the application that the company doesn’t have to serve more time in the process of trademark registration in UAE.

So, if you also want to register your company’s logo or trademark in UAE, take the help of business consultants. They conduct the researches, file the trademark applications and complete all the registration processes on behalf of their clients.

What happens when a company registers its logo as a trademark?

When you register your logo as a trademark;

  • You get to protect your business and restrict others from using the logo of your business
  • You get to maximize the value of your business
  • You get to cultivate your brand
  • You get to use your trademark as a marketing tool
  • You get to sue anyone who copies your trademark.

Logo trademark registration in UAE

The business consultant agencies are facilitating both local as well as foreign investors and businessmen to register their trademarks in UAE. they help them through all the aspects and make sure that they help their clients in registering their trademarks in very less time. Click here for more information.

Procedure Of Logo Trademark Registration In UAE

  1.    Get the registration number of the trademark in UAE
  2.    Apply to the concerned authorities and register your trademark.
  3.    Fill the form with the trade name or owner’s name along with his nationality and residence. the trademark applications are accepted by the registrar and he then publishes it in the Trademark Journal and in the local newspapers in Arabic. If any party doesn’t oppose the logo trademark, the process proceeded further.
  4.    Get the copy of the trademark
  5.    Describe the products and services that come under the trademark

Within 10-12 months, your trademark will get registered in UAE.


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