Riverdale Season 4: Release date and Plot of the latest upcoming season

Riverdale Season 4

Riverdale Season 4 has plenty of mysteries and challenges. The previous one was so painful. But after the season 3 finale, we know who is gargoyle king and revelation blew our minds.

However, the end of season three left us hanging on a cliffhanger about Jughead’s disappearance or death. Fans are asking has he left the show or not?

This favorite Netflix teen drama started in January 2017. The season one started as a murder mystery where the core four characters solve it. Soon season two converted into a serial killer and third ridiculously turned into fighting some supernatural monster and mysterious side.

Well, we are waiting now season four so that all mysterious could solve. Let’s talk about the Riverdale season 4 story spoilers and release date.

The most important spoiler is about Jughead. Everyone is asking will he back in season four. There are many speculations around the internet, and some are saying he has left the show.

Meanwhile, some fans are expecting he will appear in the finale. However, all speculations reached the character Cole Sprouse, who is playing the role of Jughead.
He confirms that Jughead is not going anywhere, and the next installment will bring him back.

So fans are happy now to hear that the fan-favorite character Jughead will come back in Riverdale season 4. maybe this time he would play much better.

When asked about the season 3 cliffhanger to Cole Sprouse he showed that might be Jughead would be killer or criminal. According to official spoilers, Jughead and FP Jones as his father are trying to solve the case together.

The fourth Riverdale season will contain 22 episodes. As per the pattern, it is expecting that season 4 will hit the screen in October 2019. But that’s not confirmed, we hope soon we’ll get an official date.


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