Rumor: Katy Perry and Orlando bloom are calling off their Wedding due to Selena Gomez


Recent rumors suggest that Katy Perry has decided to rethink about his marriage with Orlando Bloom and it was all because of Bloom connection with Gomez. Let’s find out more about it.
Before dragging you more into this rumor, let me make it clear for you that rumor is nothing but a false report by In-Touch. It is not the first time that Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez became a part of one fake news.
Back in 2016, we heard rumors that Bloom and Selena Gomez are not only the best friend but also the lovers. They have a secret affair, and even they are hooking up.
Rumor mill starts grinding all such rumors when a picture of Bloom chatting with Selena in a Las Vegas Night Club hit the web in 2016. Since then we heard many stories. Back then, Perry shut down all those rumors. None of them was true. And the same happened last day.
According to In-Touch report (fake one), Katy Perry is calling off her Wedding with Orlando because she finds out about his relationship with Gomez. An anonymous source close added in the report, “Katy went ballistic, accusing Orlando of betraying her since she banned him from talking to her.” The alleged source further explains, “Katy feels humiliated. She thinks Selena is obsessed with Orlando, and he has no business talking to her, even though he’s assured her that they’re just friends. Katy’s still jealous and rethinking the whole Wedding.”
After three years of Selena-Orlando fake affair story, In Touch decided to dig down again in the past just to add extra spice in the upcoming meal of their Wedding.
A source close to Katy’s life has confirmed that this story is nothing but complete nonsense. A spokesperson of Selena also made it clear that there is no connection between Orlando Bloom and Selena.


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