Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2 All Set to Release on Xbox One

Sega’s Phantasy Star

Finally, the long wait is over for Phantasy Star Online 2, also known as PSO2, fans as Sega announced it at the recent E3 conference.

The game initially was launched in Japan back in 2012 but now Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming Soon To Xbox One in North America for the first time seeing the fans getting maniac. PSO2 will be launched in Spring 2020 on Xbox One and Windows PC. The original trailer showcases every detail we need to know about with all the content and options currently available in the Japanese version.

The players are going to have one of its kind experiences in the game as a lot of new cool stuff is added in the game including Interrupt Events, and Multiparty Areas. The best part is, up to 12 players can be part of one game at one time in special moments.

Multiparty Areas

How’d you feel if you get to have an entire unseen situation suddenly amidst your game with around 12 people at the same time? Unlike any other game, one party can have encounters with other parties with thrilling and uncalled for turns making the game more exciting.

Interrupt Event

With an Interrupt Event, PSO2 gives exciting and electrifying experiences as players will be given totally unseen encounters to defend themselves and sometimes protect or rescue a weak character. These interrupt events can occur at random scenes, and the difficulty level will change each time with player’s progress.

Third Person Shoot Style

This unique technique allows the camera on the player’s shoulder to keep track of accurate shooting at distant targets.

Ultimate Character Creation and Customization

For keeping players’ interest intact, Phantasay Star Online 2 facilitates a modification in the looks of each character. Players can entirely alter the personality of their role in what they like. The game provides a variety of customization and improvement according to the situation.

The game is yet the most thrilling pack of Sega with characters having style and stunts.


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