Selena Gomez is Launching her Beauty Line

selena gomez singer

Selena Gomez is a world-famous singer who is already working on trendy fashion lines. Now recent rumors suggest that designer cum actress is planning to launch her own beauty line. According to WWD reports, she recently filed an application through her production cpmpany with US Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the brand name “Selena Gomez” for multiple beauty products.

In this application, she filed for different categories like fragrances, cosmetics, skin care preparations, hair care, moisturizers, essential oils, and many other.

If she is planning to launch a beauty line then singer is definitely moving on a right path. Her 155 million followers are always ready to see what she is wearing and how she looks. They will openly welcome and shop her beauty products without thinking twice.

“It Ain’t Me” singer has already co-created many fashion collections in last years. She worked with sportswear giant Puma and the heritage label Coach.

There are many celebrities who successfully launched their beauty brands such as Kim Kardashian launched KKW Beauty brand while Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand is simply the best. Rihanna is busy in her beauty business and doesn’t get time to launch her much-awaited music album. But she might release new songs soon.

Selena is not the only star who moves from music to beauty business. Before her Lady Gaga did the same, she launched brand-new Haus Laboratories cosmetics line. We can have our hands on Gaga’s beauty line in September. Amazon will sale her beauty products to fans and followers.

We might see Selena Gomez beauty products in 2020. No official updates are available yet.



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