Selena Gomez Offered First Look at her Fall Trendy 2019 Short Bob Haircut

selena gomez singer

Fans of Selena Gomez are feeling great to see her back on Instagram. Now they get the latest updates and news from their favorite singer. Gomez has just chopped her hair into a short bob cut. Female fans of Selena can copycat the same look for Fall 2019.
Last day, Selena opened up her heart on Instagram and shared a few pictures with her best friend, Anna Collins. She spent a joyful summer vacation and admitted that she was missing her roommates.
If you check her Instagram, you will notice one picture with Collins where Gomez has given the first look at her bob haircut. She is not only taking a fresh start on Instagram but also have a plan to look with a new hairstyle.
During Summer, when she shared her picture, we notice her hairstyle where she kept her hair length up to her shoulder. Now in the new picture, you can see her middle part, short bouncy hair with a wavy texture. This hairstyle is among the most significant hairstyle trend in fall 2019.
So, if you want to know how to style your hair this fall, then you simply have to follow Selena Gomez’s short bob cut.
Singer and actress are keeping up with her come-back on Instagram by sharing her usual life posts. Before giving us friend vibes, she first-time share picture of her Dog –Winnie who looks super cute.
From her latest Instagram posts, we can say that Gomez has moved on from Bieber and focusing solely on her music, career, and personal life choices. And it is nothing but a very positive change which we all like.


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