Sending Automatic Message in Telegram Using Tool


Telegram messenger has many users and because of this reason sending bulk messages in this messenger is the best way of advertising. Since doing this Advertising method manually is so difficult, we will introduce a tool called telegram mass dm bot. in the following, you will learn more about this method of advertising and its importance.

Methods of Sending Bulk Message in telegram

When we want to send a message to many people in a messenger, actually we are sending a bulk message. There are two ways to send bulk messages in Telegram Messenger:

  1. In private chat:when you have a list of numbers and IDs and you want to send messages to all those numbers and IDs, you can use this method. Since people pay attention to the messages that have been sent in their private chat, and if you send your advertisement to them privately, your message will be seen more and it is the advantage of this advertising method.
  2. In groups:if you want to send bulk messages in a group you should choose a crowded group, especially the supergroups, and because of a large number of people your messages will get more visits and it is quite suitable to increase advertising efficiency. And if you find some groups that are related to your business you can be sure your advertising will be targeted.

It is possible people do not pay attention to your message in crowded groups, or even, in some groups, the admin does not allow users to advertise so, the best choice is to use the group’s audiences and message them separately in their private chat.
Anyway, sending bulk messages in the telegram is so useful for advertising, and because of this, a large percentage of people choose this advertising method.

Advantages of Sending an Automatic Bulk Message in Telegram

The main advantage and importance of sending bulk messages are that it increases the efficiency of advertising. The reason that it is very important to send bulk messages on Telegram is that Telegram is an all-encompassing messenger and messages will be seen much.

People pay special attention to messages that are sent to them privately, and if you have advertising content to sell the product, be sure that sending it to people’s private chat will increase your potential customers and ultimately increase the sales of your products.

Despite all these advantages, there is a difficulty in sending bulk messages in private chat which Telegram does not allow everyone to advertise in this Messager. This difficulty is that there are some limitations in sending messages in private chat. In the following, we will get better acquainted with this limitation.

Restrictions on Sending Messages in Telegram

There is a point in sending bulk messages in Telegram about the number of messages sent daily. Telegram divides your audiences into two categories:

1.    Familiar people

There will be no restrictions on sending messages to (familiar people) meaning users who have already chatted with you.

2.    New people

Telegram restricts sending messages to (new people) meaning users who have never had any contact with you.

There is a limit to sending a message on Telegram. If the people you are considering are not your contacts and you have already not chatted with them, in this case, Telegram will consider a limit for you, and if you do not pay attention to it, your Telegram account may be reported.

You cannot send more than 50 messages to strangers in one day. To send more than this amount during the day, you can only use several lines. For example, if you have about 500 numbers that you want to send messages in a day, you should use 10 lines. This means, that with each line you can send 50 messages during the day. If getting SIMs is difficult for you, you can use virtual lines that are sold on various websites.

You need more numbers to be more effective in advertising, we have said above that using Telegram group members is an appropriate option for sending bulk messages. To do this, you need to extract the member’s numbers and IDs from the groups. But it will take a long time if you want to do it manually. So, you need a tool that does this automatically to increase this operation speed. This tool is the Telegram Mass DM Bot, which we will introduce this Bot and its advantages in the next section.

Tool for Automating the Submission Process

Some tools do all the steps of sending bulk messages and advertisements in the telegram. These tools are software or bots that perform these steps automatically.

This software has the possibility of:

  • Extracting specifications (number, ID, etc.) of members from Telegram groups.
  • Sending messages to your target contacts.
  • Sending your desired message to various Telegram groups automatically.
  • Sending all kinds of content (text, photos, videos, links, files, etc.) automatically.
  • Connecting to several lines and sending a certain number of messages with each line
  • Changing before reaching the Telegram limit, it the line and continues sending with other lines.
  • Providing you with a report of the sent messages in the form of an Excel file.

One of the best examples of this virtual user Telegram bulk messaging bot software, which has received international attention. Also, for more information, you can read about advertising tools on blusteak website.


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