Korean Skin Care Routine for Men and Why It Is Effective

skin care routine for men

Who would not love to have flawless skin? Both men and women would love to flaunt clear and glowing skin all the time. To quote, ‘Face is the index of mind,’ it is correct to every letter. Having radiant skin is possible by everyone; however, there needs to be a lot of care while performing the skin care routine for men.

Unless and until you spend time towards the maintenance of your skin, it becomes highly impossible to achieve the desired results. There is already a lot of skin care routine for men. However, the Korean skin maintenance techniques have inspired us to come up with this article for all those men who are passionate about having radiant skin.

Skin care routine for men- How to do it?

There are a lot of ways to take care of your skin, and it isn’t surprising to know that even men are being drawn towards skin maintenance. There are a lot of popular skincare techniques that one can follow, but the Korean Skincare for men is making quite a bit of noise off-late. Korean skincare techniques are considered to be the best skin care routine for men.

If you have ever had a chance to notice the skin texture of Koreans, then you would realize as to why their male model skin care routine are profound and compelling. Koreans are known to have introduced quite a bit of beneficial ingredients that can nourish your skin. Most of us would already be following the basic three-step skin maintenance technique and they are pretty effective too.

However, one must know that these techniques offer just essential nourishment to the skin. So, through this article, we have taken an opportunity to elaborate more on this skincare technique that is practical and can be done regularly. Also, these steps mentioned below are known to produce excellent results as well. These ten steps men’s skincare routine oily skin can be done every day with total excitement.

Well, if you want to look like one of those K-Pop stars from the BTS band, you must try the below skin care products for men for sure. By using these products you would not just look handsome, instead, you would develop healthy skin.

Step 1: Use oil cleansing agents for skin care routine for men

A lot of men are already accustomed to using oil as cleansing agents. Instead of using the water-based cleaning agents, the first step is to making use of oils to clean the skin thoroughly. Using oil on the skin initially would remove all the dust accumulated by dust and pollution. It also nourishes your skin and provides total relaxation.

When the skin is cleansed with oil agents, the skin retains the softness and gets deep nourishment by hydrating the skin. Hence, this is one of the best male model skincare routine. The oil cleansing is recommended to be done twice a day using proper massaging techniques for effective results.

Step 2: Use water cleansing agents

The next step is to use the water cleansers on your skin to complete the cleansing process thoroughly. While the oil massage efficiently helps in removing all the dirt accumulated by dust and pollution, water cleansers are quite powerful in removing the water-based impurities.

There are a lot of water cleansers, and the one with milk as the primary ingredient in it is the best one to use. When you use the water cleansers that contain milk, it keeps the skin intact. It avoids the unnecessary breakage of the skin. The water cleansing has to be performed twice a day for better results. It is also recommended to use circular motions while massaging your skin with the water cleansers.

Step 3: Exfoliate your skin

The removal of dead skin using various exfoliators has already been in practice for a long time. Exfoliation has been part of every skin cleansing process, but one must be aware of the different kinds of exfoliators that are available. Exfoliators that contain grains of walnuts, orange skin, rice, and so on are known as physical exfoliators. Scrubbing your skin using these exfoliators can be highly beneficial when you have facial hair or if your skin type is dry.

However, for those who are seeking to remove the dead skin effectively and get deep nourishment to make use of chemical exfoliators. The chemical exfoliator penetrates deep inside the skin and removes all the dead skin as it contains chemicals alpha hydroxyl acid. Removal of dead skin is going to make further processes effective on the skin. Exfoliation can be done twice a week using gentle movements.

Step 4: Prep your skin using essence

Preparation is one of the most critical phases of anything that you do. For having healthy skin, it is mandatory to prep your skin by massaging it with watery lotions. This step is regarded as one of the essential steps that every skin care routine for men follows without fail.

Either lotions or thin gels that go deeper into the layers of the skin are used during this process. The preparation phase uses products that contain ingredients like glycerine and hyaluronic acid. At times, lotions and gels that contain natural extracts are also used during this process. All you have to do is take a little portion of the lotion or gel and pat it softly all over your face and neck twice a day.

Step 5: It’s time to use serums

It is quite common to have heard the name ‘Serum’ these days. Every kind of skin related problem can be treated effectively using serums. Serums contain ingredients that are known to be the ultimate solution for managing age-related issues. A lot of people use serums to hydrate their skin and give it deep nourishment. There are different kinds of serums available, and these serums contain active ingredients of the highest concentration.

Serums are used directly on the skin to treat all types of skin related problems. The ingredients present in these serums are known to repair the skin effectively. Using serums twice a day is recommended. One has to take a little bit of serum and tap it all over the face and spread it gently without pulling the skin.

Step 6: Use masks

When you walk into a spa for a facial, you might have noticed the specialist using a thin layer of the cover to nourish your skin. Well, that is nothing but a sheet mask. Right from ancient times, Korean skincare has involved the usage of these masks to maintain the health of the skin.

With the advancement in technology, these sheets now come in the most specialized form. The practice of using mask sheets on the skin is followed to let the skin absorb the humectants. Humectants are those that allow the water to seep inside the skin.

The mask sheet acts as a protection layer and pushes the active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, leaving it hydrated. The mask sheets these days come in the forms of bio-cellulose bodies and RD Medical Products hydrogels. Both these masks are extremely powerful and allow you to get a glowing skin. Most of the people use masks instantly to get shiny skin within minutes.

Using the serum for too long is not advisable; it pushes all the ingredients quickly and deeply into the skin a little too much. Using the masks twice a week can give you glowing skin. Put on the sheet masks and relax with your legs stretched and taking deep breaths for complete relaxation.

Step 7: Creams for eyes

Just imagine yourself walking into a party with swollen eyes? Well, whenever you walk into any spa or a massage center, the therapists will recommend massage for your eyes. This is because; eyes play an essential role in uplifting the overall appearance. When facials are done, the eye massage is done exclusively for 20-25 minutes for improving the blood circulation around the eyes. There are a lot of eye creams that are available these days, and in Korean skincare, using eye creams is one of the most critical steps.

The eye-creams come in a wide variety, and they nourish the skin around the eyes as they are loaded with proteins. Eye gels are predominantly used by the younger generation to get rid of puffiness. The creams are used on the older skins to get rid of the crow-feet, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin.

Eye creams tighten the skin around the eye region when they are used in the right manner. However, the issues of dark circles cannot be cured with the help of these creams and gels, as dark circles are considered to be genetic. However, these creams and gels can be used to brighten the skin around the eyes. The creams can help you to hydrate the skin and makes it look young. One has to use their ring finger only to massage gently around the eyes using the cream. Massaging your eyes twice a day can produce great results.

Step 8: Use emulsions

Well, this can sound a little technical. However, emulsions are to be used during the skin care routine for men as it goes deep inside the skin layers and makes your skin healthy. One must know that emulsions are moisturizers but light-weighted ones.

Generally, moisturizers are heavy, and they make your face look creamy. They also tend to stick to the face. If there is a lot of facial hair, then using heavy moisturizers can be quite problematic. Hence, using these emulsions can be beneficial. Emulsions are used mostly in the humid regions as it does not stick to the skin.

Emulsions contain a lot of vitamins and active ingredients along with the humectants that nourish the skin deeply from roots. Pat the emulsion gently on your face twice a day for incredible results.

Step 9: Moisturizing is important

If you want all the above steps to work correctly, the measure of moisturizing your skin has to be completed. One must understand the type of skin before investing in a moisturizer. There are different kinds of moisturizers made for different skin types. They are available in the form of creams, gels, and oils for providing hydration to the skin. Moisturizers soften the skin and give radiance. Hence, this is one of the most essential skin care routine for men for glowing skin. You can moisturize your skin twice a day, followed by a gentle massage.

Step 10: Protection from the sun – Use SPF

Well, how about doing all the above said and walking out in the sun and expose your skin to the harmful UV rays? Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Yes, after all, nine steps, you must ensure to shield your skin from the sun. Almost all the skin-related issues are due to exposure to the unwanted rays from the sun. Skin is a sensitive part; hence, keeping it hydrated is very important.

When you expose your skin to too much sun, you will develop pigmentation, sunburns, suntans, and rashes. These can kill the overall health of the skin. Hence, using a sun ban cream is highly essential. Sun bans with high SPF are to be used. SPFs are also available in the form of creams, gels, and lotions. Depending on the skin type, you might pick one.

Using these SPFs when you step out of your homes becomes vital, along with your gloves and sunglasses. Application of the sun ban creams as many times as you want to is recommended. Ensure to apply the SPF on your face, neck, ears, and hands as well.

Well, taking care of your skin is a high-maintenance task. But, if you do not care for it as mentioned above, you may have to pay regular visits to the dermatologists getting treated for unnecessary skin related problems. Having healthy skin is going to make you look competent and confident. So, guys, if you are keen on getting healthy skin, following these simple Korean skincare techniques during your skin care routine for men, is essential.


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