T1 Tact Watch To Give New Smartwatch Buyers Free Maintenance & Repair Kit For Digital Wrist wear

T1 Tact Watch

If you have no heard of the “T1 Tact smartwatch,”  you must be living under a rock somewhere. The most talked about brand of the military tactical watch world on social media, is almost impossible to miss with all the press on websites ranging from technology to Hollywood. Today, however, the brand created a new buzz. T1 Tact Watch announced they are giving new shoppers of their official website, T1TactWatch.com, a free maintenance and repair kit.

How Important is This Kit?

If unaware, smartwatches can be pricey to maintain. The constant use of them drains batteries fairly quickly and unless willing to pay extreme costs, they usually are not rechargeable. To have a battery replaced a watch repairman may charge $20 to $50, just to open the rear casing and drop the new battery in. The T1TW “Midnight Diamond” hopes to eliminate this process for customers. A solid steel tool kit is being placed in the boxes of all new orders, which will allow owners the opportunity to operate on their watch from the comfort of home.

With the tool kit, owners of the tactical watch can do a few things. Dial adjustment, back casing swap outs, and battery repair are all within capability using the tools.  

Do Most Watch Brands Do This?

Unfortunately, they do not. Most brands prefer the old school method of having consumers visit the watch store. This promotes the selling of new product and builds a relationship with a person who is knowledgeable about watches. This methodology is becoming outdated however as the internet has really become the source of knowledge to the world.  Do it yourself videos online can show anyone how to replace a watch battery (see below).

Other Expectations of T1 Tact Watch

Beyond this repair kit, the T1TW brand has also promised other new launches coming soon. A unique, Pantone colored alternate tactical smartwatch, is on the horizon according to earlier social media posts. The name is not known at this time.

Boxing for the T1 Tact watch is also soon to be modified. The original black box will be switched for something with more space. With the changes of adding a repair & maintenance kit, along with the possibility of a new manual, more space is needed to organize all inside the tactical watch box.

See the video below for an up-close look at the ‘Midnight Diamond,’ which currently retails for $69.99. The company has officially made it clear, they do not sell the product to other stores. The only online store for authentic watches by the brand is www.T1TactWatch


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