Taylor Swift Is going to Re-record all her old Songs

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has decided to take control of all her songs back in her hands. Last month, she lost right to master copies of her old music to Scooter Braun. Taylor says that she will make new copies of her old music.
We heard many rumors and news of their social media fight. Taylor wasn’t happy when she heard the news that Braun has acquired all rights. Swift has announced that she will rerecord all her old music.
A new report suggests that after releasing her album “Lover” on Friday, the singer has a plan to work on her old music instead of launching something new.

She made this announcement one month after we got the news that music mega manager Scooter Braun acquires her Big Machine. Now whoever wants to license any song of Taylor Swift has to get permission from Braun and also to pay him a license fee.

When Taylor heard this news that Braun has got all rights to her previous work, she felt devastated and wrote, “it’s worst-case scenario” in a lengthy Tumblr post.

During an interview with CBS’s Tracy Smith, Swift unveiled her plan of sidestepping Braun by rerecording her entire songbook. You can watch her interview this Sunday on CBS. It means that she is going to work again on her old music proper to her album “Lover”.

After this move of Taylor Swift, Licensers can go direct with Swift whenever they want to use her songs in any ads, TV show or anywhere else. It looks like Taylor is ready to take all power of her music through this impending move. She won’t let Braun make the most from her old albums.



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