Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s Feud: Why Justin Defended Scooter?

Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun’s Feud is in the headline from last Sunday. Things became a little twisted when Justin Bieber jumped inside. Even the fans of Bieber wanted to know why he defended Scooter and why not take the side of Taylor Swift. Today, we have got the reason behind this defense, let’s find out.

According to a source of PEOPLE, Bieber “felt the need to” defend Braun, given the factor that his friend and mentor was very “understanding and encouraging” when bieber was going through mental stress. Bieber believes that Braun has a “big heart” and Taylor’s pointed words towards him through the post was unfair to him.

This reason comes from a source close to Bieber but now we will have to see what Justin’s representative says about it.

Last Sunday, Taylor Swift wrote a lengthy Tumblr Post that how Braun acquired rights of her six past albums. She also told that she didn’t get an opportunity to buy the rights by the Big Machine Records.

Taylor doesn’t want to sign another deal with the company because the term of new agreement wasn’t acceptable for her.

Now we have to wait for the drop scene of Taylor-Braun Feud. Many top celebrities are standing by the side of Taylor and Braun also got favor from some. Let’s see what happen next.


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