Taylor Swift fans are not happy with typo Error on Me! Merch after wearing it for many days

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift released its leading single off of her untitled seventh studio album “ME!” in April 2019. As soon as its video released on Youtube, it got hundreds of views in just a matter of hours. Shortly after her song release, new merchandise came with a print of lyrics. Loyal and diehard fans of Taylor bought it just to demonstrate their true love and gratitude.

Today, we saw a buzz on Twitter when one of these loyal fans noticed a typo error on the merch. It looks like the manufacturer was in a hurry and couldn’t pay attention to the tyopgrahical error. Unfortunately, a fan noticed this error and shared the picture by asking others whether they can notice the same error or not.

He posted a picture of T-Swizzle gear with a print having spelling error.

“Your ‘e the only one of you, baby that’s the fun of you.” The error is found in this line. If you didn’t notice it yet, then it is nothing but grammatical contraction which should be written as “You’re” and not “Your ‘e” in this lyric with Harry Styles Merch.

Just after fans found this error, they started tweeting their response. Some say that they have been wearing this shirt for more than a month without noticing it. The manufacturer makes them fool. Others are looking for a return and replacement without asking for further money.

Even some fans want Taylor Swift attention on the matter as they think that this typo has played them. Although it is not a very big thing but fans’ response is emotional.

In the upcoming month, we will be able to know the exact title of Untitled seventh Album of Taylor Swift. We have enjoyed its leading single off Me! Which has generated 65.2 million views on Youtube after its 24 hour release. Based on these views, it became the second most viewed video on Youtube.



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