Taylor Swift wins Cybersmiler of the Month Award

Taylor Swift

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has been awarded The Cybersmile Foundation’s coveted Cybersmiler of the Month Award after she helped a young student in need who couldn’t pay her tuition fees.

Ayesha Khurram, originally from Pakistan but living in Canada, was struggling to pay for her next semester and started a PayPal fundraiser online after a friend encouraged her to try and get donations. She didn’t expect to receive much support but was out of options and decided to give it a go. However, soon after launching it, out of nowhere, she was notified that someone had paid her $6386.47 Canadian dollars in one transaction. The 20-year-old discovered a message, and it was from her idol, Taylor Swift – whom she met in 2018 during one of her tour performances in Toronto. 

Ayesha shared a screenshot on Tumblr and Instagram showing the donations she received which included an inspiring message from Taylor. 

The pop star, in an act of kindness donated all the money Ayesha needed to pay for the semester. Ayesha had been studying financial management at the University of Waterloo but couldn’t make the next payment for her upcoming semester, and was facing the prospect of being forced to stop her studies. 

Swift said to Ayesha, “Get your learn on girl! I love you, Taylor!” which received the attention of The Cybersmile Foundation. The star was awarded the Cybersmiler of the Month Award which recognizes people who commit acts of kindness and choose to support others in a selfless way. 

Ayesha’s parents had been in financial difficulty and couldn’t support their daughter, putting the family under emotional distress with Ayesha’s mother also suffering from long term chronic kidney disease – but Taylor’s kind donation changed all that, offering relief for Ayesha who could now afford to pay the bills and get back to college to continue studying. 

“It feels like this huge burden has been lifted off me. I literally feel so happy. I’m going to go out. I’m going to eat a burger. I’m going to watch a movie. I’m just going to celebrate, like fully. I can’t believe this has happened to me,” said Ayesha.

The Cybersmiler of the Month Award was established in 2015 and previous winners include Drake, Dwayne Johnson, Pharrell Williams, Millie Bobby Brown and Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. Each act of kindness and selflessness is recognized by the foundation and highlighted to encourage others to look for opportunities to help those in need. The Award is also presented to brands that go the extra mile in making the world a better place.

Swift was previously awarded Cybersmiler of the Month back in November 2018 for helping a fan, Juwan, who had been bullied for years, inviting him to her home for a meet-and-greet after discovering his cover songs of her and being inspired by his musical talent. Following the personal meeting, Juwan was encouraged to continue pursuing a career in music, ignoring those who wanted to criticize his passion, which gave him the confidence to know that he could achieve anything if he puts his mind to it. 

The Cybersmile Foundation are the world’s leading nonprofit and specialize in areas such as cyberbullying, mental health, internet safety, reputation management and many more. The organization regularly works with celebrities and brands on awareness campaigns and partnerships. Their partners include the likes of Twitter, Rimmel London, Claire’s and Mixer. The charity also has a range of ambassadors such as Normani, teen stars Johnny and Lauren Orlando, and female golf sensation Paige Spiranac. 

Taylor Swift has recently been nominated for multiple People’s Choice Awards in 2019 including Best Female Artist and Best Album. 


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