Kylie Jenner Donates $750,000 to “Nest of Love”- a women’s empowerment group


Kylie made her first media appearance after the birth of her one-year-old daughter Stormi in the Ellen DeGeneres 17th Show. We enjoyed many sneak-peek previews of this episode. But, beauty mogul surprised us by donating $750,000 to “Nest of Love”- a women’s empowerment group. Let’s find out more.
Keeping up with the Kardashians star is the youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner family, but she is also the wealthiest one. According to Forbes, she is a self-made billionaire. Now, this star has decided to help other women who are working effortlessly for a significant cause.
In the first episode of 17th Seasons of Ellen DeGeneres Show, she announced about her massive $750,000 donation to a fantastic women empowerment group “Nest of Love”.
Cosmetic Mogul and her mother Kris Jenner was quite inspired by the work done by women who are running this group. Samantha Gill is the founder of this organization, while two critical members of the group are Briana Grumet and Daniela Villa.
Reality stars want them to do more of what they are already doing. So, she presented a gift of $100,000 to the organization and $150,000 to Samantha.
Kylie even gave a gift of her Birthday collection to each female member of this group.
“We are giving you each $50,000,” Kylie told that group. “Each one of you.. Each of you for the amazing things you guys do.”
She added, “You guys are so amazing.”
Samantha and her other two group members were so excited to hear this announcement. They became emotion, and one of them started crying. Kylie opened up her bank account for this group, or you can say to support the cause.
People who always criticize Kylie for being an extravagant person (who allegedly spent a lot on her shoes closet and cars), now they should come forward to say a few positive words about her exorbitant donation. Don’t you agree?


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