The 10 Effective Tips For Anti Aging You Should Try Now

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Recent year, there is an increasingly popular need among not only women but men in the attempt to stay younger in a longer period of time. Thousands of dollar has been spent on anti-aging products or clinical procedures which cost them a leg and an arm.

But that’s totally not necessary cause certain foods can bring merits to your skin instead of wasting your whole budget for chemical products which may result in more harm than good.

There are plenty of foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals as well as anti-aging properties. Many types of research have found that the cellular damage process can be diminished significantly by anti-aging properties found in healthy foods and as a result of slowing down the aging process. So a balanced healthy diet can actually give you a magical glowing skin that you have ever dream of. Certain supplements, such as NAD, can also help reverse damage and slow the signs of aging. NAD IV therapy is a convenient way to support your long-term health and wellness.

Let’s check out and some of the best foods following that help you to not only against the aging but stay healthy.

  1. Green tea

Green tea has been used worldwide for many years because of its wonderful effects on our human body. This green leafy tea have a variety of compound that works wonder in defeating free radical and slow down the aging process.

Besides that, catechin polyphenols contained in this tea interact with other chemicals in our body in order to promote the thermogenesis as well as fat oxidation so that you can keep in shape. Last but not least, people with heart disease, cancer, and cholesterol problems can also benefit from drinking this herbal tea as it affects the cholesterol level and improves your general health.

So take some cup of this green tea and benefit from it.

  1. Oranges

Oranges, as well as other citrus fruits, is an incredibly rich source of vitamin C which is essential in collagen synthesis which in return will help with your skin structure.

In addition, orange also contains lots of water in it so that your skin, as well as your cell, will be hydrated and you’ll have a youthful look.

  1. Avocados

Avocado is so nutritious that you do not want to miss in your daily recipe. It contains a healthy monounsaturated fat that is helpful with your hydrated skin in absorbing certain types of vitamin as well as nutrients needed.

Moreover, vitamin B and E richly found in avocados will help to nourish your skin completely.

On the one hand, vitamin E helps to promote healthy skin accompanying by the hydration effect of potassium. On the other hand, vitamin B would lift up your immune system so that you can fight against the process of aging.

Instead of salad dressing or mayo that high in fat, try to use avocados which would give you more than just a satisfied flavor.

  1. Lean Beef

Protein is essential in building up collagen which is a must-have component for a younger healthy skin. So it is a great way to get protein with high-quality via lean beef.

You can also try other different types of lean protein such as pork, chicken, fish or tofu if preferable.

Remember not to overcook otherwise charred in beef can create some chemicals that will reverse the effect of anti-aging properties of the beef.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is famous for its rich omega-3 fatty acids. This acid can not only assist your skin to function properly, combat inflammation and prevent the growth and spreading process of skin cancer cells but enhance your skin texture and prevent fine lines.

So add this fish to your diet to get rid of skin health problems.

  1. Grapes

Grapes have a chemical called resveratrol which is helpful in repairing the tissue cells because of it anticoagulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. This resveratrol found in grapes skin is believed to have an effect in fighting the UV light as well as sun damage.

Moreover, grapes contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium as well as antioxidants properties which are helpful in fighting the free radicals

  1. Garlic

Garlic has been well-recognized for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can massively improve your immunity level and lower your cholesterol level as well as your blood pressure.

It helps to fight against not only skin alignments but cancer cells.

  1. Green veggies

It’d be a mistake if you’re desiring of having a younger look but not to take a single type of green vegetables.

It is a wonderful source of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E, calcium, fiber which are well-known as nutritional superstars. The antioxidants found in green veggies act as barriers to protect your body from free radicals which fasten your aging process.

Besides that, your immune system could be elevated thanks to phytochemicals in these green. Last but not least, water is another rich compound that can be found I green veggies which have a great impact on your skin.

So take as many veggies as you can to boost up your skin health.

  1. Oats

Unlike high-glycemic foods such as rice, white bread and pasta can which are known as acne and wrinkles triggers, oats are among low-glycemic complex carbohydrates that is essential to your life but would not cause you harm.

Besides, oats also contain a natural plant compound that helps prevent your skin cells from damaging as well as soothe your skin irritation.

You don’t have to cut off all your carbohydrates in your diet but be smart in choosing what type you should consume.

  1. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are packed with vitamin A, C, and folate. While vitamin C promotes the collagen production, vitamin A and folate is useful in preventing your skin from sun damages. So roast this with a spoon of olive oil for a tasty dish.

Note: It’s necessary to know that a balanced healthy diet alone can not work effectively if you still remain your sedentary lifestyle.

  • Dong exercises several times during a week.
  • Using some sunscreens when you go out
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of fluid, especially when you have your exercises
  • Stay away from caffeine sources or at least cut down your consumption
  • Remain 8-hour sleep



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