The 100’s Richard Harmon Reacts to Josephine’s Possible Crush on Murphy: ‘Yeah, I Was Wondering About That!

The 100's Richard Harmon Reacts to Josephine's Possible Crush on Murphy: 'Yeah, I Was Wondering About That!

Richard Harmon

The 100‘s sixth season has been a parade of surprises. However, it has any moment thrown you for a lot of a loop than hearing Clarke say, “That spud is reasonably cute”?

To be fair, context is pretty vital here: Clarke’s body is presently being piloted by a centuries-old lunatic named Josephine. And despite the fact that “Murphine” has shaped somewhat of AN uneasy alliance, it doesn’t sound like fans ought to expect that relationship to develop from now on.

“Yeah, I used to be speculative that,” Richard Harmon tells TVLine with amusing. “I don’t assume this is often a spoiler. However, I don’t assume that the plot would ever take advertisement on this show. We’ll see if they ever bring that up once more, or if it had been simply a one-time very little note.”

Ahead of tonight’s new episode (The CW, 9/8c), Harmon answers additional of TVLine’s burning queries, as well as whether or not his new gig on Syfy’s Van Helsing can impact Murphy’s future on The 100:

How has he not pissed off the wrong person yet?

Oh, I’m positive spud has already steamed several of the incorrect folks. He simply invariably gives the impression to wiggle his answer.

So you’re also surprised?

Yeah, and there square measure 2 ways that to appear at it: during this business, I feel terribly lucky to own created it this way on a show like this with a personality like this. As Richard pondering Richard being used on an excellent show, yes, I’m stunned. I’m conjointly pretty stunned like a member that spud continues to be alive. (gilberteyecare) However, he’s an excellent character to own, this beau that invariably looks to form it through despite what.

Especially Murphy and not-Clarke.

Yeah. Eliza and I, both of us are terribly shut. And that we point out operating along all the time. However, we have a tendency to don’t extremely get to fairly often. When we do, we have a tendency to get pleasure from it. We tend to be terribly glad to really get to play with one another this year.


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