The Best Cooks Have Disasters Also, Pie Photo of Chrissy Teigen’s Thanksgiving Fail

chrissy teigen photo

In case, on this Thanksgiving, you get a dry Turkey. Or your Pecan Pie you tried for the first time left much to be wished. Don’t worry at all because you are not alone.

Chrissy Teigen, the famous author of Cookbook and the social media star proudly shared a cooking fail picture over Instagram for Thanksgiving cooking.

Hence, the picture proves that even cooking experts can also do disasters in the kitchen. Since on Nov 21st, on Instagram, Teigen shared the progress of her pie-making process. However, until later, the end result wasn’t found. This reflected, she over-baked the pie making it too crispy.

With a hilarious caption, she shared the snap of the burnt and sad pie over her feed, “in case you are wondering why I didn’t put my finished pie on my instantly”

Even though all pie is good looking but the one baked by Teigen had some severe charcoal issues.

Teigen shared the photo and proudly confessed her kitchen disaster. Her honesty and confidence make her viewers and fans love her more.

She is not a kind of person who just portrays the good aspects and side of life over social media. Instead, she happily admits and publicizes her mistakes and messes. Along with the entire reminders of herself, and her family just like a layman would.

In fact, they are well-known and cool, proven stars. But she is always seen acting as simple and natural like everyone else.

She also cooked a variety of almost three kinds of gravy, meat, and cranberry. Through Instagram, she shared every picture step for baking the pie. She started from the very beginning like pouring in the pumpkin mix to the layers formation step. However, the burning made it crispy.

Moreover, one pie failure didn’t stop her rather she started baking another one. After the making of the second one, she shared the final picture and it was really looking beautiful and yummy.

Indeed she possesses outstanding kitchen skills. And her ability to being natural yet smart augments the love of her fans for her.


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