The Best Halloween Movies To Stream on Netflix

best halloween movies on netflix

You will be getting some epic Halloween movies on Netflix by throwing some spooky and amazing movies. From eventual classic horror film The Shining to your line-up schedule, here is all covered for you this October. Have a scary October.

October 1

The Shining (1980): Jack Nicholson. Stephen King. A haunted and tormented hotel that is located nowhere. Indeed, it has a reason for being classic.

October 3

Truth or Dare (2017): You will definitely not going to sleep or you will need to keep the lights switch on. After watching this twisted take on archetypal sleepover game.

October 4

(Netflix Original) Creeped Out: Netflix keeps on producing Halloween Movies for kids. This movie is defined as Netflix’s new children’s compilation as “Are You Afraid of the Dark meets Black Mirror” and it surely gives a sign of intense scary.

October 5

(Netflix Film) Malevolent: Florence Pugh a rising star acts in this movie regarding a duplicitous medium who’s not ready for a happenstance with horror in real-life.

October 12

(Netflix Film) Apostle: Dan Stevens, a  Downton Abbey comes back to the 20th century for playing with a young man who is committed to releasing his sister from a creepy cult.

(Netflix Original) The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell: The Great British Bake Off fans and Nailed It! will certainly love this quirky take on the at-home cooking program.

(Netflix Original) The Haunting of Hill House: The current binge event of Netflix follows a siblings’ group haunted by memories of growing up in a tormented home. In case, you are curious to know more earlier October 12, hold up a copy of the Shirley Jackson classic on which this is actually based.

October 19

(Netflix Original)Haunted: This new docuseries is based on people discussing real-life stories of paranormal events in their lives.

October 26

(Netflix Original) Castlevania: Season 2:  The fantasy based animated series is categorically not for kids—it shows Dracula as he acted to remover humans from the Earth as a reckoning for his wife’s murder.

(Netflix Original) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: This movie is produced by the team of Riverdale on everybody’s beloved teen witch in this highly-estimated new series.

Now it comes to Halloween movies for kids that can be streamed by Netflix now

There is a number of tremendous spooky Halloween movies, produced since long such as Hocus Pocus to the obscure. However, all of them are not for kids. If you are searching for a quirky flick to watch with a family check Netflix Halloween movies for kids.

There’s no shortage of spooky Halloween movies that have been made over the years, from the popular (like Hocus Pocus) to the obscure, but not all of them are kid-friendly. If you’re looking for a spooky flick to watch with your family, Netflix showing up the movies this week. Have a scary Halloween season.


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