The Evolution of Minimal Access Surgery and its Advantages

Minimal Access Surgery

Around 15 years ago, most of the medical surgeries conducted by specialists were open or invasive in nature, which required a surgeon to make a large incision in the patient’s body.

However, minimally invasive surgical procedure has successfully taken over the traditional ones in the last decade. A range of abdominal surgical procedures are performed with minimally invasive techniques.

This advanced surgical process is helping surgeons to perform a number of cancer surgeries safely, quickly and efficiently. Instead of making a large incision, surgeons make a number of small incisions to conduct the surgical procedure. They use the laparoscopic camera and instrument to gain access to the operating area, which increases the chances of success.  

According to the surgeons at AMRI Hospitals, the best hospital in Eastern India, there are many advantages of this latest surgical procedure. Some of the advantages include less blood loss, minimal pain, and discomfort, less wound complications, shorter hospital stay, etc.  

With the help of minimal access cancer surgery, esophageal cancers can be operated without opening the chest, reducing lung-related complications like pneumonia and atelectasis significantly. While MACS has become a standard of care because of the advantages over conventional surgery, its use is still limited to very few high volume centers due to the high cost and steep learning curve.

The AMRI Cancer Institute at Dhakuria has taken up the challenge to offer MACS to patients at a reasonable cost. The appropriate use of minimally invasive surgery for cancer patients is important. This latest procedure does not impact the quality of life, which is why it is seen as the most effective technique for complex surgeries.  

Surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures require the perfect hand-eye coordination and the ability to work in a small area with a limited view and without tactile clues. This is the main reason why it is important to choose the right healthcare provider with great expertise in the field of MACS for better results.  


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