The Key to Playing the Best Golf of Your Life: It is all in Your Mind


One of the first things that you will learn about golf is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You must enjoy the journey of each step along the path. With that said, you may be seeking how to play the best golf that you’re capable of. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the key elements you should have in your sight in order to become a professional golfer.

Stay in the Present

Staying in the present allows you to practice your skill with greater awareness. You will play at your most relaxed when present on the golf course, and you can focus on the process better to hone your golf skills faster. Doing this will help you to keep a clearer head when you play, which will help you with the mental game.

Don’t Let Previous Bad Shots Take You Down

You will make a bad shot in golf from time to time. The bad shots are what help to make golf a fun challenge. Many golfers hit a ball off into the woods or a sand trap and let it ruin their score. Golf coaches, in contrast, teach their players to minimize the damage from their bad shots and avoid relying on the good ones. 

Tiger Wood even says that he would feel happy to hit one good shot in a tournament. He didn’t say in a round; he said in a tournament. If Tiger Woods aims for that in a tournament, you can imagine how the rest of us need to learn not to let the bad shots get into our heads and screw up future shots. 

Examine Your Expectations

You can start to play better when you set the right expectations from the golf tee. Before you take a shot, set realistic goals. Don’t focus too much on the score. An example of setting good expectations that win the mental game in golf would include hitting a consistent tee shot. You might also just want to make good contact with the ball. Where you should set your expectations will depend on your current skill level. 

Challenge yourself to work toward a better handicap score, but don’t get worked up if you miss the mark. Doing that will only interfere with your mental game. 

Don’t Let the Results Seduce You

Don’t let a score or winning remove you from the present moment. You want to reach a point where you can focus on the holes at hand. Take each shot and accept the results without letting them meddle with your emotions. You will find that you play a better golf game when you let your mind focus on the right things. 

Let the Course Bring You Peace

Too many golfers do the opposite of getting stressed out, and when you practice hard and take the game seriously, it can be an easy thing to do. Instead, learn how to let the golf course bring you to a peaceful place. Many golfers make the mistake of building up a tournament into something so big that they don’t even want to play in it. Instead, learn how to make the golf course your sanctuary and escape from the chaos in everyday living. Obviously, if you play professionally, you want to take the game seriously, but you should never lose your sense of fun. It will keep your head in the right place.


Many golfers practice their swing or slices, but they don’t emphasize focus on the mental game. Golf requires mental and physical skills. One of the quickest ways to lower your score is with a good strategy. When you improve your mental game, you will see an improvement in your golf game overall. If you enjoyed this article, you could learn more exclusively on



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