The Lion King Simba’s Pride, Trailer # 1 And Will It Be Coming On Netflix Or Not?

The Lion King Trailer 1 Released

Lion King is an upcoming American animated movie. It is another sequel of The Jungle Book. Disney’s Lion King is all time favorite movie. Fans are excitedly waiting for this sequel as it is one of Disney’s famous movies. Like Frozen 2, The Lion King is also a highly rated anime.

Fans especially, teenagers and kids are very attached with the Simba’s spirit and power. However, Simba have to face many difficulties and hitches in her life after his father’s death. But he never let him down and fights against the enemy.

Although, the movie has many symbolic places and events. But the “Pride Rock” has a distinct value in the movie. Because it is a very special rock where Simba collects his army and friends and announce the battle against his enemy. As his uncle killed his father and take over his Kingdom.

So Simba fights against his lion uncle to take back his father Kingdom that is his own in reality. It has great cinematography and filming ideas.

Including me, all the viewers want to see what Simba will have in this sequel and what techniques he will follow to fight with his rival. But to know all these queries just wait up to the release of the movie. And The Lion King Release date is 19th July 2019.

The Lion King Cast

Although, this sequel will follow the original story of the Lion King but it has many improved scenes that are filming not properly in previous anime. Well, overall The Lion King cast includes the following characters in it.

Young Simba as JD McCrary

Simba as John Glover

Musafa as James Earl Jones

Nala as Beyoncé

Young Nala as Shahadi Wright-Joseph

And the other cast of the movie includes like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Florence Kasumba, John Kani, John Oliver, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, Eric Andre, and Keegan-Michael Key.


However, Lion King Trailer 1 has been released recently. It contains short clicks and the shots related to the movie. These shorts empower the fans and upturn their zeal to watch the full movie.

Have a Look at Simba’s Pride The Lion King

When It Will Be Coming On Netflix

Unfortunately, The Lion King will not be available at Netflix. Because Netflix and Disney has a contract about the movie that covers all the new upcoming Disney films from 2014 to 2018.

And it will be not renewed till yet. And the Lion King will be coming out in 2019 where there is no agreement between the Disney and Netflix. However, you can purchase an online CD of the anime from Amazon Prime.

What About Other Regions

However, in the UK you have to subscribe to the Sky Go and Now TV to watch the Lion King directly. While in Australia, fans have to rent out the movie from Amazon or YouTube.

And the fans in Canada, the movie is only available on rent from iTunes and Amazon. However, the following regions have online streaming of The Lion King Movie outside America as Thailand, India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Well, lets us know about your region if you want to watch the Live streaming in the comment box below!


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