The Winds of Winter: Release Date of Book and News on Revealed Scripts, Martin’s Reaction on the finale of GOT

The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter is one of most anticipated awaited GOT book. We all know Game of Thrones made on a book written by George.R.R. Martin.

Basically, the finale of Game of Thrones ended up with the story of “The Song of Ice and Fire.” The next part name is ” The Winds of Winter,” but its release date was delayed.

However, Martin said, he is more focusing on the book and nearly release in the future. Fans are very excited to catch this book and ask much time about its exact release date.

Table of Contents

Revealed Scripts of “The Winds of Winter”

George Martin revealed some scripts from “The Winds of Winter.”
He showed a preview of the first nine chapters so that fans can predict what will happen in this novel.
Here I am going to list the name of chapters that shown in the preview.
1. Theon
2. Arriane
3. Victarion
4. Barristan I
5. Tyrion I
6. Barristan II
7. Tyrion II
8. Arya/Mercy
9. Sansa/Alayne
10. Aeron

When will the book launch?

GRRM does not want to reveal the launch date of the book “The Winds of Winter.” Before that, many dates were issued, but GRRM could not publish it.

Therefore, he does not want to disappoint the fans anymore. However, the prediction is that it will launch in late 2020 or early 2021.

Martin’s Reaction on Game of Thrones Ending

George is really disappointed with the ending of the game of thrones. According to express report, he is not satisfied and wants different at the end of the season. He said in season som characters were portrayed differently as well as plot lines also than the book.

He said showrunners should be kept the same story precisely as I have done. Moreover, he added, I wish there will be more seasons because it’s not so faithful.


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