Ticket Outlets vs Ticket Services: The Ultimate Comparison

Ticket Outlets vs Ticket Services

Since 2020, people are more and more aware of the benefits of online shopping. So, nowadays, eCommerce businesses are booming because people have realized how much better it is to order from home instead of going out and visiting physical locations where specific goods are sold.

Ticket services are an excellent example of that. This type of service worked great even before the pandemic, but since then, even the biggest skeptics have been successfully booking tickets through online services like gotStubs and the like. But the situation was not always like that.

People often preferred to own a physical print of their concert or sports match ticket. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but online shopping is more convenient and gives you priority in choosing your favorite seats in the concert hall or the position.

Therefore, today we will compare the options of buying from the point of sale vs. through online services, so you will conclude which is actually better for you.

1. Speed of Buying Tickets

Imagine waiting for days for the moment when your artist announces that concert tickets are on sale. If you buy from a ticket outlet, then you need to find the nearest point of sale, leave home and get there, wait if necessary and then pay for the ticket. For example, you should search for how to buy concert tickets in Las Vegas or any other city or state and then get ready for action. But do you have time for such a thing?

Even when it all goes the best, the payment system may crash at the moment, and you actually go to the nearest ATM and withdraw money. That’s a lot of time, isn’t it?

On the other hand, through online ticket services, you can immediately buy your favorite tickets, pay for them and receive a printable version of the ticket in your email. Even better, you can also get a barcode that identifies you at the concert entrance. The difference is more prominent, especially since you are doing all this while at home, probably using a smartphone.

The only unfavorable thing that can happen is that the service is overloaded, and there is a long online queue, so you cannot get to your favorite spots in the concert hall on time.

2. Great Option When Buying a Ticket for Events in Another Country

The advantage of online shopping is that tickets are available to all of us anywhere in the world. Maybe you live in the US and want to attend a concert in Europe or vice versa. It would be costly to travel once to buy the ticket and then again for the event.

From this aspect, online ticket services have an advantage. Usually, the points of sale are located in multiple places throughout the cities and states, and it can be really challenging to travel for that purpose.

But there are also exceptions. Some exclusive events that are only intended for a small audience rarely sell tickets online. Most often, visitors can book by phone or buy tickets from the venue and keep them with them until the start of the event or performance. This is another example that one option does not exclude the other and that they would work great together.

3. You Save a Lot of Time and Money

Online shopping saves a lot of time and money, but people still do not have full confidence that the right product will be delivered to them. On the other hand, trust in online services continues to grow, which is great because many businesses have managed to survive only because of online sales.

And we all know how important it is nowadays to save time and money in every possible aspect of life.

4. You Can Choose Exactly What You Want

Having a choice gives you a massive advantage in getting exactly the service you need. When it comes to concert tickets, it’s the choice of venue, location, and even your seat or standing position. But the prerequisite to getting these benefits is to know precisely what you are looking for and to buy in time. All the best places will be taken if you wait a long time.

But even that is a matter of personal choice, isn’t it? At the same time, all you need to search is which ticket service offers tickets for your favorite event, instead of where is the best place to buy concert tickets.

Bonus Option: Benefits If You Are A Fan Club Member

Many music stars have their official fan clubs. In cooperation with the ticket services, the band’s management has reserved a limited number of tickets for the biggest fans. This gives you a real advantage when buying a ticket, as you get access to a fair offer or a better position in the concert hall.

At the same time, barely 10% of the tickets are sold at ticket outlets. This also means that you have a better chance if you become a member of a fan club or opt for buying tickets online instead of traveling and waiting in line.

And, of course, let’s not forget the last-minute offers, that is, the tickets that remain online and are sold through the ticket services before they are officially removed from sale one hour before the concert.

Final Words

Although the online sale of event tickets is more significant than ever, this does not mean that the traditional points of sale will die out. On the contrary, there are still generations that prefer that way for various reasons.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that online sales allow us to choose the location and contractor that suits us best. This way, you are always informed about where most events are held and when your favorite artist is performing closest to you.

And, of course, the choice ultimately depends only on your personal preference. That’s why we can’t say whether online sales are better than physical stores – because, in the end, each user buys the way they feel most comfortable.


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