Tips and Strategies For Farm Elixir in Clash of Clans

Tips and Strategies ForFarm Elixir in Clash of Clans

Elixirs play a vital role in Clash of Clans if you want to upgrade your walls and build an unstoppable army. You can get an endless amount of elixirs, but it only depends upon how much you can earn in a short period of time.

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You might face a problem in collecting farm elixir if you are Town Hall 10 or above. You will face problems in upgrading Grand Warden and other troops if you are in TH11 or TH12. As you will update your troops and unlock the army camp space, you will find that the cost of your army is getting higher in elixirs. It might result in a loss in elixirs.

You will find these statements hurting, but they are the fact. So, this is the reason why I am here with this tutorial for you guys. I hope I will able to help you with my guide. So let’s have a quick look.

Though there are many TH11+ farms in crystal league for gold and dark elixir, I recommend you to go for Champion leagues because here you will get the profit of League Bonus and the Start Bonus which are configured to this league.

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League Bonus makes up completely for the army cost as well as all the resources which you will find in the base will be your net profit. The star bonus also comes with extra 850,000 elixirs. Suppose you are a TH10 and want to find good bases for the attack, I would suggest you go to Champion Leagues.

Bonus: You can also use clash of Phoenix to get all for free with unlimited usage.

Army Attacking Tricks For Farm Elixirs

I hope you all know that your army is the second big thing that you need to adjust when you are farming elixir because if your army is expensive in elixir, you cannot farm elixir successfully. So you should adapt your army if you want to use a more dark elixir. But it doesn’t mean that your army will only cost dark elixir.

Through investing 700 dark elixirs, you can earn 70,000 elixirs with the same army and attacking strategies. Using haste spells and minions can help you to earn better. One of the best ways to get elixirs is assaulting the leagues which you have already powered through. Until and unless you will establish a large base and army attacks, elixirs will not become a valuable resource. And as I said earlier, TH9 and TH10 require the most elixirs.

Well, now I will share some tips which can help you to farm elixirs.

The tier of the play you have reached in Clash of Clans is represented by your league. The players can invade the other players with the similar league only. They are not allowed to invade the players with different leagues. Remember one thing guys that before attempting to farm, you would need to power up your army.

Avoid keeping large armies and don’t waste your resources in high-keeping units. You need to manage your armies so that their focus will be to achieve the goal only. Don’t waste your resources in keeping a large number and unwanted armies because you would not require the powerful army until and unless you are going for one-star league bonus.

Well, you have to follow this army composition if you have to attack the only easy-to-reach enemy base.

Increase your league instead of instead of lowering it. If you want the bonus TH8 or higher, increase your league up to Crystal or higher. Destroy as much as you can if you want to earn the One Star Bonus,it is your only goal with the armies. Well, you might be thinking why is it so important to earn One Star Bonus and how it can be beneficial for you. So let me inform you guys that you earn this bonus so that you can destroy the Town Hall. You will earn the bonus percent similar to the percent you have destroyed the enemies village. Suppose you have destroyed 50% of the enemies village, you will get 50% of massive league bonus.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this is the complete guide on how to farming elixirs. I hope this tutorial was beneficial for you and you got all the useful information. So, guys, follow this guide and start farming gold and elixirs as much as you can. Contact for more details. Thank You.


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