Tips For Opening A Preschool Branch or Franchise

Branch or Franchise

Is it time to expand the Branch? 

Opening a new pre school branch or franchising your existing locations is a big step, but being in a position to do so indicates you’ve got a good grasp on how to run a successful early years business. However, it is a little different to open a second or third location, because you and your most trusted management team can’t be everywhere at once. Here’s a few things to think about to make sure a new location is as successful as the first. 

Management Software 

Today, it’s easier than ever to manage attendance, risk assessments, accident recordings, parent communication and much more simply through nursery management software. This allows you to keep track of everything together, enabling you to stay on top of any paperwork, comply with safety regulations and curriculum activities, whilst going paperless. 

Yet the real reason you should consider a comprehensive management software is that you can oversee tasks and rooms from one place. This means that the management team can control and assess situations at more than one location.

Business Plan for Branch 

In addition to having management software in place, a good place to start is by putting together a business plan. You will also need to conduct a needs assessment for your area, which will help make your planning a success. You should take the following questions into consideration:

  • How Will You Attract Parents? 
  • What Are Your USPs To Stand Out From Competitors? 
  • What Is The Market Rate For Child Care In Your Area? 
  • Is There Child Care In Your Area? Is There An Age Group That Has A Need For Child Care? 
  • How Many Families Live In Your Area And How Many Need Childcare? 

From these questions and your research, you can then put together a business plan, which is a critical part of opening your preschool brand or franchise. 

Prepare Your Facility 

When starting a preschool brand or franchise, you can renovate or expand your existing facility. You should check standards to ensure that you have enough space based on the number of children you plan to accept. Depending on the size and type of preschool you set up, you will need a different type of insurance. To find out more about the type of insurance you need, you should speak to an insurance agency. Once you have done all the admin, you can then start planning and transforming your facility into a clean, safe and comfortable environment. You should also make sure that it’s inviting for both parents and children. Fill the space with nap mats, educational toys, art materials, outdoor play equipment, games, books and other kids-size furniture. Also, don’t forget safety equipment, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. 

Staff Your Preschool 

A good preschool is only as good as its teachers. Therefore, take the time to ensure that you hire the best teachers. Identify how many staff members you will need and employ staff that share your philosophy and goals. This will guarantee that you have hard working staff who care about the children and are working towards the same achievements

Prepare A Curriculum

Whether you adopt an existing curriculum or create your own framework, it’s important that you create a learning environment that starts little ones down a road towards academic success and enhances their knowledge and skills. 

Hopefully, these top tips will help you when it comes to opening a preschool branch or franchise, so you can develop a successful business and help children to grow. 


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