Tips To Deal With An Alcohol-Addicted Partner

Alcohol Addicted Partner

Those individuals who are addicted to alcohol are known to be diagnosed with alcohol use disorder. When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, he/she becomes compelled to drink even after knowing the negative consequences of doing so.

There are two basic phenomena which are responsible for the addiction to happen and these are tolerance and the physiological dependence on the substance.

However, the addicted individuals may not be aware of the harm they are causing to others and keeps on believing that their addiction is causing the problem to them only.

The affected individuals experience certain negative behavioral changes, face employment and financial risks and may even experience deterioration in the memory processes which in turn causes dysfunctioning in almost all the spheres of life such as social, occupational as well as personal.

The personal aspect includes the negative impact of alcohol on loved ones such as parents, children, life partners (husband/ wife) and friends.

The life becomes very struggling for those who live with an alcohol addict and this is because of the different phases one has to face such as the tries one gives to end their addiction problem or the beginning of addiction after several years of marriage.

Pertaining to this, many individuals face a lot of problems ahead in their lives, no matter whether they are consuming alcohol to deal with stressful situations or they are doing it just because of any other reason.

Let us look at some of the tips for the spouse of an addict which can be very helpful in dealing with an alcohol-addicted life partner in a comprehensive way which is mentioned below:

1.    Do not deny the present scenario

Addiction is surely a disliking phenomenon. However, it should be noted that there is no benefit in avoiding the situations or running away from it as one day everyone has to face the consequences.

Many times, the relatives and family members do not pay attention to what is wrong with their addicted loved one. And they keep on pretending that things are good. But as a spouse, that will not help you at all.

You have to face the addiction problem in order to control the circumstances and for this, you can take help of alcohol recovery rehabilitation programmes which are run by the mental health professionals.

2.    Keep honesty and be clear with your partner

Even though you being the resilient one are experiencing emotional torture but rather than blaming your partner for his/her addiction and abusive behavior, you should maintain your focus on the problem and keep your discussion precise and simple.

You should keep your focus on the truth. You should be the healer in your relationship.

3.    You may take the help of a supporting group

When it comes to dealing with the problem of addiction, then it may happen that you feel that you are the only unfortunate one and this may lead to discontentment and disheartening emotions but this is not the case.

When you will take help of a support group, then you may realize that there are many other partners who are facing the same problems that you are going through. Also, the support groups provide emotional support along with guidance to connect to your situation in a much efficient manner.

Hence, rather than feeling isolated by sitting at home, you should interact with different people to gain insight into better ways to live with a person who is struggling with substance abuse disorder.

4.    You have to take the decisions for yourself

There may come a time when your partner is refusing to undergo the treatment procedures and the negative consequences could be predictable. Therefore, you have to decide whether you want to continue the relationship or you want to end it or detach from your spouse.

No matter whether you are undergoing physical abuse or verbal aggressive responses or financial problems, you should know when and how to draw a line for your compromising behavior.

There are many cases in which this situation doesn’t arise as most of the affected individuals agree to undergo rehabilitation procedure.


Hence, these are some of the tips which are very helpful in dealing with the affected individual being the spouse.

You may follow these tips as surely it will go to assist you in dealing with the situations in a better way.  


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