Top 6 Trendy Bracelet Styles

Trendy Bracelet Styles

A bracelet is a body ornament that has been around since the dawn of time. It is suitable for both men and women and, therefore, it comes in a wide range of styles, finished, and materials.

Each season, the fashion industry rolls out new designs and renditions of Trendy Bracelet Styles. Those who want to stay up to date at all times implicitly follow the trends and suggestions of fashion magazines. At the same time, many trendy bracelets, regardless of their style, remain timeless as long as you nicely bland them with your clothes and other accessories. In this post, we’re going to give you some tips on how to combine Trendy Bracelet Styles with everything else when it comes to accessorizing your look. Below are Top 6 Trendy Bracelet Styles.


Bangles are all the rage these days. These rigid bracelets made of metal, bone or plastic form an incomplete circle suitable for all wrist and arm sizes. The most popular models carry gemstones or inlays of horns, wood, and enamel. Rather simplistic, non-ornate bangles are a good match for formal, classic, and elegant outfits. Those crafted of wood ooze the ethnic vibe. They will go well with boho style clothes. 

ID Bracelets

This style of a bracelet will never go out of fashion due to its simplicity and elegance. With no exceptions, they are made of metals. Precious metals emphasize even more their status of timeless jewelry. The curb chains are perfect for those who appreciate discreet jewelry able to withstand all the rigors of everyday wear. We love ID bracelets for their customizable plates. You can engrave a name, symbol, date, and other personalized messages on to make it one of a kind. ID bracelets are quite versatile. You can sport them with a business suit, athleisure outfits, casual style, etc. They will nicely accompany any other accessory you wear, just keep in mind color and material compatibility (gold and silver put together are a no-go). 

Ethnic Bracelets

In recent years, ethnic bracelets have been stepping out of the shadow of classic bracelets. Brazilian, Tibetan, Native American, Slavic, etc. bracelets give us a chance to learn more about the world’s cultures. The highlight of ethnic style is that it banks on various patterns and symbols whether it be an anchor, tree of life, yin and yang, the hand of Buddha, and many others. The much-loved bead bracelets and Shamballa also belong to this category. 

Because ethnic jewelry is predominantly colorful, it is important to match your clothes and bracelets in a tasteful way. Unless you go to some folk fest, keep your outfits simple. If your bracelet is large in size, it’s best to opt for single-color apparel. 

Hemp Bracelets

One more type of bracelets, which will resonate with down-to-earth Boho-style individuals, bank on the natural materials trend. Indeed, even renowned designers add hemp accessories to their collections to project the ideas of sustainability and eco-friendliness. You, too, can show your awareness and care with such a trendy accessory on your hand. Helm bracelets can be as simple as a single string with a charm to sophisticated models featuring gems, bead inserts, complementary materials, etc. The models we personally like are made 100% of help. They benefit from weaving and knotting that create intriguing patterns. Such a bracelet will become an ideal addition to casual outfits.

Biker Bracelets

These are mostly made of metal (silver or steel), leather, or their combinations. The most basic biker brackets are literally magnified copies of classic curb chain models. A silver biker bracelet of moderate size can easily replace go-to wrist jewelry you wear to the office every day. In most cases, they will be cheaper than designer pieces of similar appearance. 

If you would like to go for a full-blown biker style, choose bracelets with biker symbolism – skulls, crossbones, Grim Reaper, Iron Crosses… the list can go on and on. Those are not a good choice for formal environments but if casual is what you wear most of the time, biker jewelry can add some pizzazz to your look. 

Charm bracelets 

Last on this list but not last in popularity, charm bracelets have been in vogue for some time. They were previously associated with bohemian and hippie styles. Today, however, these bracelets have been gaining ground in modern fashion-forward trends. The brand that breathed a new life in charm bracelets is Pandora. The fact that one can assemble a bracelet the way he/she desires fuels an interest in fashionistas. 

Most of the charm jewelry utilizes leather, canvas, or metallic base with silver or gold plated charms. For a more slick appearance, we recommend going with all-silver models. If you’d like to add more contrast, leather + metal will do nicely. This option is also beneficial if you enjoy sporting black or dark outfits. 


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