Toy Story 4 Trailer is Out Featuring Exciting Characters

Toy Story 4 Woody Buzz latest

Toy Story 4 trailer is officially out and it is more exciting than it ever can be. Just when we thought the franchise has been shut, Pixar comes to refresh our memories with our favorite cartoon series.

An Exciting Start to Begin With

Toy Story 4 trailer shows it is an exciting story of Andy’s toys, whom he now gave away to Bonnie. The two-minute trailer starts with Woody introducing a new toy, Forky, to his team saying, ”Bonnie made a new friend in the class”. Upon hearing this, all the toys get excited as Bonnie has trouble making new friends in her school. This is why Woody continues, ‘No, no she literally made a new friend’ and by that he means Forky.

Forky’s Identity Crisis and Adventures

Forky, as per Toy Story 4 trailer, is basically a combination of both fork and spoon who Bonnie uses as her best friend. The flip is, he is not satisfied with his new role, pretend to be Bonnie’s toy because he thinks he is made for the kitchen. You can hear him in Toy Story 4 trailer say, ‘I am not a toy. I was made for soup, salad, maybe the chili, and then the trash’ as he escapes Bonnie’s home. This small glimpse into the trailer is enough for the viewers to guess what the theme of Toy Story 4 is.

Woody: The Rescue Man

Woody, then goes to his rescue to save him from the dangerous, unsafe world Forky is unaware of. On their quest, they experience a lot of adventures like meeting Gabby, a villain character. The Toy Story 4 Trailer then shows Woody meeting Bo Peep and Jessie with who he visits musical festivals a lot more exciting places.

Bonnie’s Toys On Tour

One of the most important parts of the movie is Bonnie going to travel with all of her toys where they find out life is much more than Bonnie’s room. This makes them think and compare their role as toys with other toys they meet on different occasions.

Toy Story 4 is surely going to be a blast on the box office.

Release Date in UK and US: From 16 June, it has been extended to June 21, 2019

Major Star Cast:  Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Annie Potts, and Joan Cusack

Watch Toy Story 4 Trailer Here


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