Two Biggest EV Charging Networks in North America Teamed Up

North America's 2 EV Charging Companies

The electric vehicle network is a power supplies system of charging stations and battery exchange station to recharge electric vehicles. A large number of car manufacturers and charging system providers have developed electric charging networks.

Now, ChargePoint and FLO have announced a groundbreaking roaming partnership. It will provide a remarkable charging experience to electric vehicle EV drivers across North America. It is much similar to roaming between cell phone networks.

ChargePoint and FLO customers will now be able to access public chargers on both networks during traveling in Canada and the United States. They will no need to register multiple accounts or paying additional fees. The new agreement will offer EV drivers to switch between the two networks without hurdles.


First Agreement between 2 Leading Companies:

FLO is the leading EV charging network in Canada, and ChargePoint is a leader in the United States. Both have a considerable amount of presence across North America. The new partnership will simplify EV driving for the drivers of FLO and ChargePoint.

This kind of agreement from industry leaders offers possibilities in making driving experience easier to EV vehicle owners and drivers. The recent partnership from two well-known companies is the first agreement took place in North America. It will open new doors for future collaboration among other electric mobility companies, as a result.

The partnership between ChargePoint and FLO is now in effect. The new agreement shows over 27 thousand charging points. These charging spots will be available at launch on both networks. So, members of both networks will charge their EVs without paying additional fees. They will just have to spend more time than usual because it depends on taxes and currency exchange.

The CEO of ChargePoint, Pasquale Romano said that recent agreement with FLO will support the massive adoption of EVs. He encouraged other networks to take similar steps in order to bring every driver behind the EV’s wheel. The company teamed up with EVBox earlier this month to allow EV owners in the U.S and Europe to shift between their networks.


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