United Airlines Is First in US to Provide COVID-19 Tests for Passengers

United Airlines Is First in US to Provide COVID-19 Tests for Passengers

To make travelers start flying again, United Airlines has come up with an amazing strategy. They will take COVID-19 tests before allowing them to avail of flying services. This will ensure that the rest of the people are safe, while the test positive are detained.

The flying services will resume from October 15. Customers of United Airlines, flying to and fro Hawaii and San Francisco, will test before boarding flights. Negative tests will make them skip 14-quarantine, while others have to stay at home mandatorily. They plan to start the same for the pilot program as they increase services to Hawaii.

United Airlines to take COVID-19 tests for passengers

The COVID-19 testing program will help customers get to their destinations safely and easily. They can travel as soon as they get to their destination and not quarantine. The airlines plan to expand their testing process across all airports in the US. They will also implement safety and hygiene measures and include mandatory mask policy. United Airlines will also incorporate electrostatic and antimicrobial spraying with HEPA air filtration according to hospital standards.

The customers flying with the United Airlines can either take a rapid test when reaching the airport or provide a self-collected mail-in test before departure. They will have to pay for the cost of their tests. The rapid test will take around 15 minutes for $250 while the main-in will take $80.

How will the COVID-19 test help restore flying?

Until there is a wide available for coronavirus vaccine, it is smart to strategize preflight testing. Only this way, countries can reopen borders without worrying. It will allow the public to fly again. Currently, the International Air Transport Association is working with governments to find ways and implement airport tests.

The process of restoring mobility freely and across borders is making tests available before departure. It will help governments have the confidence to reopen borders without risks that see changes in travel rules.

Testing passengers help people gain back safety and assurance for people who want to travel. The process will also help millions get back to their jobs.

Testing programs in places like Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, and Japan have already begun. However, there is little data on how they are doing it and how effective their strategies are.

According to De Juniac, testing will come with many challenges as they have to maintain safety standards. They also need a supply of quick, affordable, accurate, and easy-to-manage testing process.

German carrier Lufthansa starts coronavirus testing for business and first-class seats. They mentioned having a shortage of testing kits, so they cannot offer all passengers the same.


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