Update on Sri Lanka Church Explosion


Over 207 people have laid their lives in the mass Sri Lanka Church Explosion within 24 hours of the incident on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.

As per the recent reports, the whole country is under a state of emergency as this Sri Lanka Church explosion has disturbed the peace of the whole region.

The Nature of Motive Behind the Sri Lanka Church Explosion

The officials have suggested that the whole incident Sri Lanka Church Explosion could be a series of suicidal attacks meant to threaten foreigners.

Two More Attacks

On the very same day of these five attacks, the seventh blast occurred at a hotel in front of the Dehiwala Zoo in Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia. The following happened the eighth attack targeting a private house in Mahawila Gardens, in Dematagoda. The last attack occurred while a raid in connection with the attacks was under progress.

Safety Measurements Taken by Authorities So Far

By now, the higher authorities have arrested seven people following the Sri Lanka Church Explosion and further investigation is under process. Up till now, no terrorist association has claimed the responsibility for these attacks.

To avoid any more loss, the Sri Lankan police and the other security services troops have been employed in the affected areas. Other important places in the country are under red alert too. (Phentermine K25) The targeted churches and hotels have been sealed completely.

The Sri Lankan government has also completely shut down all the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram among others in order to avoid any hurdle during the investigations.

There is a constant state of emergency in the nearby hospitals and reportedly 450 injured people have been admitted into various hospitals.

The Sri Lanka Church Explosion In Pictures

Following the Sri Lanka Church Explosion, the internet got flooded by the pictures from the blasts’ site.

Here are a few:


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