Ways to lose weight with Fasting In Ramadan

lose weight with Fasting In Ramadan
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In Ramadan, when you’re incredibly conscious of your deeds, your routine and everything that you think might break your fast or not make it valid (makrooh), you should be careful of your diet as well.

This month comes not only to give you a better sense of self spiritually but physically, too. When you’re gaining taqwa and piety this Ramadan, make sure you aren’t gaining weight with it.

Here are some ways you can keep up with to lose weight (of your sins) this month:

Eat less but more in Suhur

People tend to eat parathas and dense, oily loaves of bread in suhur thinking this might make them last for the whole day. This is absolutely wrong. This is not only bad for your cholesterol level in your body but also for your mental health. The oilier things you’ll eat, the more you’ll end up gaining fat and forming lipids around your body.

Try eating some home-made curry in large amount whereas carbohydrates with it aka roti/ chapati should be eaten minimum. You can eat as much salan/ curry you want considering it is made of protein and veggies.

Don’t sleep afterward.

If you think you can sleep after suhoor and fajar and you’ll be fine, trust us when we tell you this only builds up more fat in your body since no expenditure of energy will be done.

Go out on a walk, experience the pure fresh air, breathe, relax and then come back and sleep after having a little stroll around your house. This will keep you clean and might put you to sleep faster if you’re trying to.

Say “NO” to artificial drinks.

Ramadan is the best way to get rid of your ugly habits such as drinking carbonated drinks, i.e. sodas as well as gulping up a significant amount of sweetened and colored glasses.

They give nothing but a little satisfaction on the tongue, and that’s it. The consequences, however, are far more significant as they tend to build up in your body causing more fats and resulting in your weight gain.

Substitute your artificial drinks to a glass of milk and water. Otherwise, you can also make home-made juice with no sugar.

Rid your table of fried things

Remember, no matter how much you avoid over-eating in suhur, you can end up over-eating in iftar. One way to lose weight and to control it is to strictly control yourself from eating fried things such as fries, samosas, pakoras, kunafah, pastries, etc.

Make a diet plan

Make a diet plan and make yourself stick strictly to it. Remember when and what veggies to eat at suhur, what to eat and what not to eat during iftar. Prevent yourself from overeating sweets, too.

Have a bowl of fruit salad, a glass of milk with two or three dates initially. And the neat something substantial later after your Maghrib prayer.

Here’s a delicious recipe for fruit salad you can try eating every day at iftar not just for the sake of your stomach and body but also your skin will thank you later!



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