Weight Lose: Is Your Workout plan causing Weight Gain? or getting a slim body without exercise?

Weight Lose

Everyone assumes we can get a slim body or lose weight by exercise/ Walk. Exercise is the best way to lose weight, and it should be regularly. Many times you see you are getting more weight when you have been exercising regularly. At this time, you may be concerned about it. In this article, we’ll see why we gain weight by working out and why you maybe lose weight without exercise.

I’ll discuss this fitness issue with Rondel kind, MS, CSCS, who is an exercise physiologist at NYU Langone’s Sports Performance Center.

Why Exercise Causes Weight Gain?

There could be two sides of gaining weight by doing exercise. If you are going gym regularly and notice that you’re getting more weight, shouldn’t be panic first check some symptoms. According to King, When you go to the gym, you can gain weight by muscle, or you can gain weight by fat. If you’re lifting the weights in the gym, your body fat burn and muscles build; therefore, you put more weight.

There is another side in which you get more fat with exercise by fat. Our exercise physiologist said, ” it means you are doing overtraining or stressing your body. When you work out too much, it puts an excessive amount of stress, which lead to gain weight.
The question is how we can note we are doing overtraining. The most common symptoms are disrupted energy level and sleep low performance and becoming sick.

Losing Weight WithOut Exercise, Is that a panic situation?

As some people say, Could they lose weight when they are not exercising? Well if you are getting body weight by strength training, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. If overtraining is causing gaining weight then cut from it from some time, you’ll lose weight minorly.

However, quieting exercise is not a solution yet; you can balance the training and rest days so that your body couldn’t stress out. And one of the shocking things is that sometime when you’re losing weight without exercise, your muscle mass decreases not your body mass.

The second reason to lose weight without exercise is that stress hormones might be leveled out and led to losing weight. Sometimes you’re suffering from a metabolic disease due to its weight fluctuate so at that time you must concern your trainer expert.

Effects of Nutrition

Now the era has changed, and people have enough knowledge about everything. Nutrition affects to lose weight, and if you are not on a point, then it could be the reason for gaining weight. If you manage your diet plan correctly, then you can lose weight fastly. Have your best diet plan with your work out routine? If not then must concern with your dietician who could guide you with authentic research.

You could manage your calories according to your workout plan so that you can easily manage your routine and remained active. Some time due to low calories with gym, you feel laziness all day so add beneficial calories in the diet which keep active as well as helps to lose weight.


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