What customers look for when hiring a roofing contractor

hiring a roofing contractor

Even when important work needs doing, there will always be some reticence on the part of a customer when hiring a roofing contractor of some kind.

Am I getting the best price? Will the job be finished on time and to budget? Will I receive a good level of service? Will I need to look for hiring a roofing contractor else to sort out any mistakes made? These are just some of the questions that will go through a potential client’s mind before they decide to call somebody in.

As a roofing contractor, it is essential that you can allay any of those fears where you can – but how do you go about doing that? 

There are, happily, a number of things that you can do to present your business as the professional, reliable and high-quality operation it is, so make sure that you tick the following boxes in order to present yourself to customers in the best possible light.

Assurances of quality

You wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your car or a beauty technician to fit a new kitchen, so potential customers want to know that you are a qualified and certified roofing contractor that specializes in the field.

Ensure that you have the minimum level of certification for your particular state, but always look to go above and beyond to show your level of professionalism – such certificates and qualifications are a mark of trust.

Customers also tend to favor experienced contractors. This simply means that you have completed lots of jobs – and thus have seen everything that a property’s roof can throw at you. Be sure to highlight your experience level in any advertising content you put out.

It’s also essential that you clearly indicate the warranty that is attached to the work you do. This is likely to be the warranty covering your own repairs, workmanship and installation, and any manufacturer’s guarantee linked to the materials that you install. Knowing that they have recourse should the worst happen is a very attractive feature for potential clients.

Testimonials and referred business

It’s amazing how often an individual will ask their friends and family for referrals when needing work done over consulting the internet or directories for contractors.

It’s a matter of trust, of course, and that’s why having word-of-mouth recommendations is so vital to businesses of all sizes – but particularly independent firms in the construction trades.

How can you achieve that? By doing a good job, of course! Every customer ou have has the potential to refer you on to numerous others in the future, and so building a network based upon your competence is crucial. You could even consider launching a referral scheme where previous clients earn a bonus for recommending you to friends/family, or by offering discounts to new customers who act upon a referral. 

Before taking loved ones out for a meal, or before booking a hotel, how many of us consult online reviews? It has to be a huge percentage, and according to some sources, it could be as high as 90%. Bad reviews are, therefore, incredibly damaging for any business.

Clearly, the need to offer a good service is linked into this, but if you are worried about a bad review of your roofing firm, then consider why the customer was moved to such action. Was your workmanship rushed or below par? Did you do enough to rectify any issues with your work? Were you on time, clean working and polite?

The best way to counteract the risk of a bad online review is to not be given one in the first place.

Appropriate insurance cover

It goes without saying that the absolute vast majority of customers who intend on utilizing the services of a roofing contractor want to know that they are adequately insured.

Protecting yourself against personal injury is one thing, but covering your business against property damage caused by your work – or the risk of injuring the homeowner or passing members of the public – is of paramount importance.

You’ll find that without appropriate insurance certification, most savvy customers won’t even entertain the notion of hiring a roofing contractor, so make yourself a contractor that can be trusted and cover your business from unexpected happenings by seeking comprehensive cover.

When you can showcase your level of insurance, and back it up with the assurances that come from a guaranteed level of service and a history of strong work, you will surely find that your phone is ringing off the hook with enquiries and orders.


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