Internet Slang 101: HELP! What Does The Term LMK Mean?

what does lmk mean

Hello, Shakespeare’s of the world! If you’re reading this, you’re probably yet another Homosapien who is reluctant to step out of the 1800s. Unfortunately, one part of the internet scatters the pieces of the lingo puzzle. Thankfully, another part of the internet puts the missing pieces together. The internet is like an online journal for evolving literature. If you want to understand it, it’s easy.

And you’ve come to the right place. But this is like, a lot. Slangs, abbreviations, acronyms. Where do we begin? In ascending order. Slangs are mostly informal terms. Informally speaking, they can be used by anyone who wants to save time. Try avoiding using slangs while writing literature, since that is a sacred form of speech. Slangs are extremely useful, however, on the text.

Abbreviations are the shortened versions of a word. So ‘BRB’ becomes ‘Be Right Back’ and the ‘United States Of America’ is now the ‘USA’. Acronyms are a form of abbreviation. ‘NASA’ is the shorter form of National Aeronautics Space Administration but can also stand on its own, like NASA. 

Coming back to the topic in hand, what does LMK mean? If you haven’t guessed yet, that’s okay. If there was a scale explaining the difficulty level of abbreviation, it would be something like this:


  1.                                   4.5.        5


G2G.                              LMK.  DGMW


Okay, to let the cat out of the bag,


The abbreviation Of The Day:



The abbreviation ‘LMK’ is actually slanged for ‘Let me know’. It is typically used to convey to someone that you’re expecting a response from them. Asking for an update is so 2007. Now you can ask someone to ‘LMK’ to make things easier. It is a blessing from the internet chat-rooms.


LMK (eL-eM-Kay)


HOW ON EARTH DO I USE LMK (what does LMK mean)?  


Well, that is easy. You should ideally use LMK when you need more information. Here are a few examples. 

Example 1 – 

John: “I have no idea when dad’s flight is landing today.”

John’s Mother: “Okay, LMK.”

Example 2 – 

Iggy: ‘Are you and your family coming for Jennifer’s party on Sunday night? LMK.’

Example 3 – 

‘LMK how much you are contributing to the Coronavirus relief charity. 

You get the idea. LMK is shorthand communication to reinstate your interest in an update that you require from someone. It’s almost vernacular to the text universe. What does LMK mean, as an abbreviation means, is that it works with everyone. Young or old. Friend or Acquaintance. Immediate Family or Extended.

Unlike other abbreviations like ‘LOL’ or ‘WTH’, LMK does not come with pre-existing guidelines. Albeit informal, you can use it with anybody and not worry about offending someone. It conveys urgency and necessity in the information required, without making it too obvious.

So you can hold on to your breath. Pace around the room nervously. Feel your heart beat faster. Instead of making the urgency evident in paragraphs of caps lock, a simple what does LMK mean works. 

There’s also a reasonable amount of suspense and mystery attached to abbreviations in general. Which is why you’re here. Let’s bust some myths! 

When Not To Use LMK

By now, you have a fair understanding of what exactly what does LMK mean. To know the meaning of something is to know when to use it. And when not to use it. Here are a few instances: 

Example 1:

Subject – Email to Boss 

Hello sir,

I want to take leave tomorrow. LMK


Example 2:

Hey Rohan, is it true that your Grandpa passed away? LMK.

Example 3: 

Subject – University Application 

Hello. Attaching my documents and SOP with the mail. LMK what you guys think.

…let’s just say it won’t end well. 

How You Can Substitute LMK in Sentences

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely after a nightmare? Well, was the nightmare one where you said things you didn’t mean? And then you spend the rest of the day regretting all the times you said too much?  If that’s you, don’t worry! that’s all of us.

We all sometimes indulge in saying things that eat into valuable time. And no, we don’t realize it, until much later! Abbreviations are well used when they effectively make a point. Here are a bunch of ways how knowing what does LMK means and how to use it can be useful!

Example 1: 

(Message to Mom)

Hey, I made the electricity payments. If the phone bill hasn’t been paid, I can take care of it. You can text or call me. I know you said you have paid it. But remember last time you said the same thing and you mistook it for the previous month? I’m not saying you’re forgetful, all I’m saying is, you could have forgotten.

I’ll be awake for a bit. You can tell me now. Since I’ll be on the flight in the morning tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll do it. I just need you to remember it so you so I can do it now. Since today is the last day. 

Wow, your mom’s sure to get super pissed after that. here’s what you could say instead.

(Message to Mom)

Hey ma, just checking if you have paid the telephone bill since today is the last day. Just worried since it won’t be functional from tomorrow. LMK! 

Wasn’t that much better and saved you some time too? Let us see another example.

(Message to partner) 

Hey, I know you said you’re not angry. You probably mean it. But I have a feeling you do not. Irrespective, I want to know if I said something wrong. I have a feeling it’s about yesterday. But I’m not sure. If you can tell me, it would make things so much easier. Trust me, I do want to know. So I don’t repeat it again…

Ouch, we’re thinking the same thing you are. What a disaster right?

So let’s hear the better alternative: 

(Message to partner) 

Hey, I messed up yesterday and I couldn’t be more embarrassed. I want to say sorry but only over chocolate almond ice cream. See you at 15? LMK. 

There, that is fixed. 

But…what if.. This isn’t true? What if there’s more to the Internet? What if LMK means something else too? (gasp)

That’s a hundred percent possible. The possibilities of anything to exist on the World Wide Web stretch far and wide. So we dug up a few alternate explanations of the abbreviation LMK.  

Alternate Meanings of LMK

  1. If you work in a bank, this is going to be easy for you. 

LMK – Local Master Key. The master key for a Hardware Security Module that’s used to protect all the other keys. They come in the pairs.

  1. Mothers and Fathers of the world, listen up. Here’s an abbreviation that will get your kids to do the dishes at home more often.

LMK – Love My Kids. 

You know what LMK implies. Now utilize it. We’ll tell you how.

As usual, a message will do the trick. 

‘Son, I was thinking about the time when you were a little baby. You looked so confused and adorable when I would change your diaper from time to time. You would not even cry when I left you in the room to do the dishes. Or when I was cooking. Or when I was working. You were a lovely baby. ILMK!’

This should ensure that the teenager listens to you for the next week or so! 

  1. This one is rated A so the PG 13 audience can stop reading it. 

LMK – Let’s Make Kids. The alternate and ultimate proposal. You’re sure to get a giggle and an affirmative answer. Caution advised. 

It’s possible that by the time you’re reading this, a few dozen other meanings of LMK are discovered! Maybe you can make them up too. 

Here’s a fun game to play with friends: Guess What LMK Means. Rack your brain and you’re sure to find endless possibilities of answers! The person with the most imaginative answer wins. Here is one: Love More Kebabs! 

The LMK Family Tree

I bet you were waiting for this one. The rise of the increasingly popular LMK has given birth to many other abbreviations. So after the big question of what LMK means, you can build conversations around it! That does sound exciting, doesn’t it? 

  1. PLMK: Please Let Me Know! 

Proper usage: ‘I’m home early, there’s nothing to eat. Where have you hidden the cookies, ma? Promise I won’t eat a lot. PLMK.’

  1. TFLMK: Thank You For Letting Me Know!

Proper Usage: ‘I have eaten all the cookies. As you warned, my stomach hurts. TFLMK.

  1. JLMK: Just Let Me Know! 

Proper Usage: ‘I think I’m going to be sick. I need your assistance. When will you be home? JLMK.’

Mr. AYQ (Answer Your Questions) is a Grammar Nazi. He loves abbreviations, as you can tell. Many students have learned what does LMK mean from him. He also happens to be a mind reader and he claims to know just what is bothering you. Luckily, we have him with us to answer the questions of the universe!

That’s not all…

There’s more to this than just knowing what does LMK mean. Of course, using abbreviations saves time. There’s nothing quite like not typing long words and sentences. It’s cool to be efficient. It saves having to face your worst nightmares – grammatical errors. But the one big advantage of using and knowing abbreviations is simply that they’re fun. They make conversations exciting. They add flavor to an uninteresting and mundane talk. They add perspective. It’s cool to use shorthand, as long as you know when to. It’s a great tool to expand your internet dictionary and show it off with your friends. Congratulations, you are aware of what does LMK mean stands for, you are now hip and cool! Or as the millennial would say, that was smooth, man!


  1. Are there any similar abbreviations to LMK?

There are plenty of abbreviations that could essentially mean the same. Instead of using the same one all the time, here are a few. One is RSVP that means Repondez s’il Vous plait, which is French for Please Reply! Another is SMIM that means Send Me An Instant Message! On similar lines is WYCM that is Will You Call Me? No matter which one you use, make sure it’s the right time and place. The wrong abbreviation could make things awkward! 

  1. What are the abbreviations that mean the opposite of LMK?

NNTR means No Need to Reply, NRN is No Reply Necessary and TTYL means Talk To You Later. All these contradict the use of LMK. So, there’s a high chance that the person does not want you to give them additional information!

Proper Usage: 

‘Nina has passed the examination with full marks. NNTR.’

‘Hi, I have finished working on the editing of the article. I will send it by noon. NRN.’

‘I have to tell you so much about the trip. I’ll call you in the night! TTYL!’

  1. Can You Recommend A Song To Help Me Learn Better?

Sure. The first step was knowing what does LMK mean. Nothing intensifies learning like music. Check out these songs to enhance your abbreviation learning experience.

  1. Let Me Know by Juice WRLD.
  2. Let Me Know by Tamar Braxton feat Future.
  3. Let Me Know by Winona Oak
  4. I’m Curious. What Are Other Interesting Abbreviations? 

Well, there are lots. Some are easy to learn like IMY: I Miss You. Some are tough to figure out, like IMHO. If you haven’t already guessed it, it means In My Humble Opinion! Here are some other interesting abbreviations:

  1. DGMW- Don’t Get Me Wrong
  2. TGIF- Thank God, It’s Friday!
  3. ICYMI- In Case You Missed it
  4. Is LMK universal? 

It definitely is! It doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re from. If you have access to the internet and have read up on abbreviations, chances are someone else has, too. Using abbreviations can be a great conversation starter!


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