What Is A Disorder? And What Is Body Dysmorphia?

what is body dysmorphia

Disorder means indecision on anything. Medical illness is also a disorder. But what is body dysmorphia? Teenagers mostly tend to attract people. So, to draw a crowd, they do a lot of things. They remain dissatisfied with their body. Find many flaws that no one usually notices. It is a disorder and can be severe. 

Believe in yourself. It is one of the fundamental remedies of mental health. Teenagers have a lot of complex personalities. Which sometimes helps them in various ways. And also harms them in multiple ways. For instance, a girl/boy likes someone. So, they tend to attract the person of the opposite sex. Then they grow a personality. Which usually leads them to find flaws. But actually, most of the spots are non-existent. People don’t even count those defects. Sometimes they rack on those defects, which other people like.

Body-dysmorphia can cause serious problems. The victims sometimes commit suicide. Being disappointed in themselves, they tend to hurt themselves. Suicide is a malady where a person kills himself due to personal problems. He harms and breaks himself. Suicide means to kill yourself physically. Confusion and depression are the causes of suicide. Misery induces this type of thought. And also, disbelief in themselves can cause suicide. But what is body dysmorphia? And how can it relate to suicide? We gave everything in the elucidation.

Signs of body dysmorphia

There are many symptoms of this mental disease. And, the soul can see it on their own. We have some symptoms below:

  • Too much negativity is the important reason for body dysmorphia. Kids in their teens find defects in almost everything. And also they want everything perfect.
  • Jealousy also causes dysmorphia. Juveniles tend to achieve anything. So, when they don’t get it, they develop envy. Jealousy is also a mental disease, which ruins the mind.
  • Avoiding physical tough. Due to their unreal physical defect, they avoid interactions. They don’t attend social events. Avoid crowds, hide from everything. And also fear that someone would judge them.
  • They like looking too much in the mirror. Patients with dysmorphic disorder have many problems. For instance, they look in a mirror too much in order to find their physical deficiencies. It is never enough for them. Frequently they bring themselves in front of the mirror. Trying to figure out what’s wrong.
  • Perfection in everything. People desire to be perfect, but too much perfectness can cause many tangles. Dysmorphia disorder can induce those problems.

Reasons behind this disorder

Firstly, What is body dysmorphia? And why does it happen for people? Generally speaking, it is a mental sickness where a person tries to find defects within his physical form. In fact, this dysmorphia disease can occur due to various reasons. For instance, bullying is one of the leading causes. All sorts of youths are into bullying, and they try to harass the person by pointing out their flaws. And also harass them through lousy slang. Being body shamed, the person tries to perfect himself. Here’s where body-dysmorphia starts.

Isolation and fear of being left alone are leading causes of body-dysmorphia. To blend with the culture and friends, a teenager can do anything he has to do. For instance, a teenager starts drugs. Introduced by one of his friends. Now he has to take drugs. To remain in the flow with his friends, he can’t stop taking drugs. He might be left alone. To blend with the society, they get engaged in perfecting themselves.

Body dysmorphia can cause serious problems.

What is body dysmorphia? Can it cause serious problems? Yes, this disorder can cause some acute issues.

Most teenagers fall in love, and they try to impress the person of the opposite gender. They do anything to get noticed. And then it starts. People try to perfect everything. They begin to lose hope in themselves. Always think that they are never enough. Never could do anything. Starts to find issues in themselves. And also develop jealousy, leading to many severe problems.

Jealousy can cause victims to harm the people they are jealous of. Sometimes they also break themselves. Yes, suicide is a problem of all major mental disease and so this disease is no exception. A teenager bullies the other teenager. So being embarrassed suicidal thoughts start to develop. They live in a pit of despair, along with regret. In other words, depression starts to creep in them. Due to suicidal thoughts, they commit suicide or harm themselves.

Victims of body dysmorphia

Who are the subjects of body dysmorphia? And what is body dysmorphia? The disorder where a person tries to find the defects of their body. Teenagers are the more likely to be depressed and have the so-called body dysmorphia. Adult persons can also become the victim of it too, isolating them in the process.

Interest in the unknown is a common problem in teens, due to which they tend to do many harmful things. After hitting the developing state, many physical changes occur in the body. Mental changes also occur, inducing wonders and many complexities. Then again, drug addiction can push anyone to many serious problems. Mental pressure can make a teenager week, making them victims to this disease.

Without proper guidance, many teens become unloving. They feel and absence in the mental health or morality as you can call it. Without proper morality, humans are empty, causing tons of negative changes. What is more, without a proper mental growth, a person or anyone can fall into depression. Most of the modern generation doesn’t have proper sense, leading them astray to the negative thoughts. However, this disease can easily be a thing of the past if people get a councilor. 

Modern culture

In this modern world, everything is close to perfect. The whole world is in our hands. And also, we can do whatever we want within this sandbox. Optimism is a good thing. But, we also need to see the opposing side. I will discuss what is body dysmorphia. And also, how does it bridge with modern culture? This mental disease is just another plague on the world, which is devouring society slowly.

Where the culture and values more straightforward in the early times? The world is progressing at a positive and exponential rate. In the same way, the diseases are too. People are more judgemental in this modern world. People now deem other people by their looks. But not by their mentality. One of the biggest reasons behind the disease is the judgemental mentality. If anyone gets judged, he/she becomes unsure of himself. And starts doubting himself. Modern culture is one of the leading causes of many mental disorders.

Everyone is equal.

People say one of there is many positive sides of the modern generation. One is that they treat everyone equally. But do they? We know in history there are many examples of discrimination. And also everyone agrees with that. But racism has still not ended. People are always judging each other on their looks.

What is body dysmorphia in terms of equality? Basically it is a new sort of sickness. Here the victim doubts his physical looks. And also tries all kinds of possible ways to rectify himself. This mental disease also causes the patient to attempt suicide or harm himself. Isolation is also one of the worst results of body dysmorphia. Due to body dysmorphia, the person avoids all sorts of social interactions.

One infers the other. And then that other entity loses hopes in itself. The main motto of human rights is to treat everyone equally. There won’t be any problems if everyone is treated equally. Judging others by their looks should be stopped. And also, by avoiding judgmental personality, we can get rid of body dysmorphia. In other words, we can make this world a better place. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We gave some of the most FAQs in this para.

Is it possible to recover from body dysmorphia?

Yes, anyone can recover from body dysmorphia. What is body dysmorphia? It’s a disorder where the patient mainly doubts his physical appearance. Believing in himself/herself is the only cure for body dysmorphia. Proper counseling and support to the victim can also help him/her. In this way, they can get rid of this disease.

How can you help a BDD patient?

Anyone can help a body dysmorphia victim. A person can steer the victim on the right path by suggesting positive things. Religious views can also motivate patients. And also with body dysmorphic disorder. 

Is body dysmorphia a genetic disorder?

Body dysmorphia is not a genetic disorder. But it can inhibit due to negative parental behaviors. Specifically, body dysmorphia occurs in teenagers. Friends with judgmental personalities induce body dysmorphia. Teenagers with jealousy also encounter body dysmorphia. Due to being jealous, they become unsure.

What is one primary symptom of body dysmorphia?

Isolation is one of the crucial reasons behind body dysmorphic disorder. Teenagers are more likely to have it. They isolate themselves from the crowd. And also avoid any interactions. Again, another symptom is looking too often in the mirror. Finding flaws in the body is the main motto of body dysmorphia. The victim looks in the mirror too much.

Is love one of the reasons behind body dysmorphia?

Yes, love can be one of the reasons behind body dysmorphia when a person falls in love. He tries to impress a person of the opposite gender. He/she tries to improve himself in every possible way. And then he/she starts to find defects in his/her physical structure. In this way, love can induce body dysmorphia, especially among teenagers.

Can body dysmorphia affect mental health?

Body dysmorphia can affect one’s mental health. Due to body dysmorphia, the person detects flaws in his body, which no one else notices. As it is a mental disorder, it affects the cognitive capabilities. Body dysmorphia also damages one’s consciousness.

How can one start loving his body?

There are many ways to cope up with body dysmorphia. One of the effective ways is to have a belief in oneself. Don’t ever care what anyone says. Vulnerability also causes body dysmorphia. Vulnerable people tend to fall into dysmorphia often.

Be yourself

What is body dysmorphia? We gave all the answers to this question, along with its prevention, in the above description. No one is 100% perfect in this world. Too much perfectness hampers the beauty of the world. Without darkness, there is no value of light. In the same way, perfect humans are not perfect. So, finding defects in yourself is never productive. Everyone needs to trust themselves. In this way, we can eliminate all sorts of disorders.

As we said, bullying is one of the reasons for this mental disease. Bullying is one of the worst activities in this living world. People should take the initiative to stop bullying. Bullying challenges one’s mental health. And also induces depression. Melancholy causes worse things. Depression and isolation are the outcomes of the disease. The victims must interact with people more. And also should avoid judgmental peoples.

Never lose hope and move with a plan. And also, believe in yourself. Side curricular activities help a lot during dysmorphic disorder. One should search for talents in himself. Doing various types of extracurricular activities unlocks them. People should make friends with more optimistic mentalities. Everyone has flaws. So, our goal is not to eliminate those flaws. But to make our life meaningful.



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