What is IT staff augmentation?


Any technological advances affect found life, as well as the social and economic sphere. This especially affects the search for candidates in an IT company, or rather, the hiring of professionals to achieve their goals.

Any technological change entails an increase in IT staff. Gone are the days when companies or individuals preferred to hire their employees. With the wave of globalization affecting the entire world, it’s no surprise that there are better options for bringing in experts for your endeavors.

What is an increase in IT staff?

Professional development can be defined as a model used by companies to outsource professionals following their goals and objectives. Applying the same principle to information technology, increasing the IT workforce involves finding and hiring developers who do not have to be in the same geographic location as the employer to staff the firm or company. A good example of such employees isYou can contact the company and get more specialists in a particular direction.

How does it work?

There are several steps involved in enhancing the functionality of the IT staff. Here it is in chronological order:

Objective identification

Objective identification speaks for itself, doesn’t it? You need to know exactly what goals you want to achieve before trying to hire people. The goals mentioned will determine the skill set you should look for in professionals, the years of experience they should have, and the number of experts you need. These minute details need to be clearly defined for the outsourcing itself to run smoothly.

Overview and selection

Once you have decided exactly who you are looking for, the search for professionals begins. Specialists need to be properly assessed and tested. To do this, interviews and tests are conducted to ensure that they meet the established criteria and have sufficient qualifications.

Once the candidates are identified, the project manager must select those whom he considers suitable for participation in the team.


The integration should be done carefully so that the team members involved know each other well and understand the roles that you have defined for each of them. Onboarding may involve meeting with members, understanding the procedures and processes they must follow, and instilling in them the values ​​of your company.

Communication and Support

Even after the participants have been integrated, you must provide ongoing support to them. Gathering their feedback and ensuring that strong relationships are created and maintained between them is essential to the functioning of the firm. Only well-established support can ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Management services and staffing

It is clear that the difference between managing IT services and increasing IT staff is blurred. When managing services, the outsourcing company performs specific personnel management. However, as headcount increases, the client manages core human resources operations. The only difference is who is the project manager. In service management, this is an outsourcing company, and in personnel management, it is a client.

Now you know what IT augmentation is. If you need to attract more staff to the company, then we recommend that you take a closer look at this technique. You can save a significant amount of time, and money, and attract good professionals.


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