What is THC VAPE Juice? Know its Effects and Usage

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Vape Pen emerged as the best alternative to traditional cigarettes smoking in the last decade. People who are looking for an easy and healthy way of vaping weed opt for this option. The main ingredients of vaping are its vape juice. So, before you grab this product you should know what THC Vape Juice is and what effects it has on your body. Also, how to use it. In this post, I will unlock all these details for you.
What is THC Vape Juice?

It is an e-liquid which is a mixture of water/alcohol, nicotine, flavor, Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable glycerine (VG) and THC concentrate. This e-juice is used in vape pen and products. People use it to get high.

A THC e-liquid is different than a vape juice, the former product contains concentrate while vape juice is free of it. It only contains water/liquid, PG or VG, nicotine, and flavor. This vape juice is commonly found in the vape pen available in the market. It works as the best alternative to smoking cigarettes.

People who want to get high always opt for THC Vape juice. However, when they only need an alternative to cigarette smoking then they give a try to vape juice only. The main difference between both liquids is a THC Concentrate. The most common forms of this concentrate are CO2 Extraction, Liquid THC and Tincture.

Know the Effects of THC Vape juice

This e-liquid has high THC concentrate which helps you get high and you feel like your whole body is floating in the air. The common effects are a distortion of time, euphoria, high stimuli receptivity, drowsiness, and hunger.

Normally, a person who smokes a high-THC strain experience the same effects. These effects could vary from one person to another. Certain factors change the intensity of these effects such as metabolism and body composition. You may feel high while vaping this e-liquid. But, your friend only feels sleep and hunger.

What are THC Vape Juice side effects?

Before you start using this product, you should know what you are getting into. This e-liquid has certain effects about which you must have a complete idea. The common side effects are hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, vomiting, and unconsciousness.

Some THC vape juice comprises of a little number of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG or CBN, and these ingredients might become a reason for your worst trip. Certain people are used to vape juice and they don’t mind moving up on the road with THC vaping. However, some newbies didn’t try any high concentrate strains before. For them, there is a possibility of a bad trip.

Is it legal to use THC Vape Juice?

THC vape juice is not legal everywhere in the United States. There are some states where both recreational and medical marijuana is legal. In that state, you can easily buy vape from your local dispensary.

However, some states only legalized medicinal marijuana. You need a doctor prescription to use this product.

There are many states where the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana is illegal, so when you use recreational marijuana like vape then you would be breaking the law. It is suggested to check the legality of this product before you start using it, else you might end up in the worst-case scenario.

Know how much THC Vape Juice Dosage you are taking

When you start vaping, it is suggested to gauge your thc juice dosage. Once you get vape from a local dispensary, must check the label which explains what is a correct dose of liquid. This would also explain how much THC you get in your dose. You should follow the instructions for getting an enjoyable experience.

How To Use It?

Take a vape pen and insert your e-liquid bottle inside it. Next thing is to charge your pen. Once it’s fully charged, press the activation button and take your first hit. A good thing about vaping is that you don’t consume all liquid at once. You take breaks between hits. When you do this, you get an idea when you start feeling high and after how many hits. Your money won’t burn quickly as liquid turn into a vapor after quite some time.

Wrap up:

When you want to get high and at a very great level then you should skip simple vape juice and think of Oil Vape pen. Since THC concentrate would offer you a better experience. You can find this e-juice with favorite flavor and nicotine level of your choice easily. An avid smoker can skip his cigarette and jump to THC vape. However, a newbie should consider trying simple vapes first, else he might experience side effects.


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