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2020 is the year that changed the way how the entire world operates. No one knew that 2020 could bring the grind all around the world to a standstill. With the pandemic looming over countries worldwide, there have been permanent changes to routine tasks. One of the sectors that have been vastly affected has to be the education sector. For months without end, all studies came to a halt with students having no particular direction. This bizarre kind of uncertainty has been dominant all around. It is quite eminent that the structure of education is undoubtedly about to change. Our usual normal might not ever be the same as before. From specific challenges associated with online education, things are about to change pretty fast. Below are some things that students should expect in the new normal

Universal Online Learning 

Be prepared, folks; universal online learning is here to stay. Specific courses were available online for students to study, but now, it is the new normal with COVID 19 changing everything. From schedules to curriculums, most of the teaching bit is being shifted to online portals as much as possible. Because with online learning, the particular SOP’s for social distancing can be regulated and monitored correctly. This transition of going from traditional knowledge to online learning can be a little challenging. The amount of concentration you need for online education is higher than in any formal setting. As a student, be prepared and expect to spend more time concentrating and setting the tone right for your education. (

Contingency Backups

Some schools were initially online schools. However, now all schools must incorporate online backups at all costs, and students must understand the depth. The main question here is, how does college work? Now every educational institute will have an online footprint. The contingency plan of having an online backup can bring a certain level of hesitation. There can be specific courses that will simultaneously be taught both online and in a traditional setting. Students must be prepared to take up this shift in any way that it happens. An online plan will, for sure, be the new normal. As a student, there might be specific concerns on the credibility of an online program but bear in mind that this is how the world might work for a long time. 

Secured Testing 

An exciting thing that all students must expect is secured testing. There will no longer be massive halls for testing purposes. With the situation in 2020, the shift in secured online testing is on the rise. The level of strictness on exam invigilation will make it more challenging for students. It will eliminate any room for cheating, and the amount of pressure will certainly build up. Online testing will be incorporating security and live proctoring that can take time getting used to for both the students and the faculty. 

Decrease In Ancillary Programs 

The actual college experience where you get to join sororities and clubs and get full exposure would be challenging now. The excitement of college holds no bounds, and with the shift in the world situation, it makes it further difficult. As the rise in online education is high, the decrease in ancillary and entertainment programs is sure to happen. Social distancing is a considerable component that puts a vast stake through any programs and clubs. It is because colleges might even need to cut some costs down, which will leave absolutely no budget for universities to cater to this kind of activity. So the opportunity to grow through practical learning and extracurricular activities might not be as easy for students in this new ordinary world.

Different Structure Of Institutions 

Students must know that they will not enter into a regular college again—no more handshakes and casual gatherings for a while at least. Many institutions are restructuring and designing their campuses in a way that is more COVID-friendly. Yes, you read that right. From schools to colleges, all the classrooms will be different. With smaller class sizes that cater to lesser students, we might never be able to experience the full decadent lecture rooms again. It will be different but necessary also. In the past, two to three hundred campuses were designed to let students mingle and interact as freely as possible. However, in 2020 things are quite different altogether. 

Online Forums 

The rise in building healthier online communities has become the main motive of teachers now. Students must expect to depend on online forums to gain and gather all the knowledge entirely in new normal. Many carefully mapped discussion threads have stemmed from these online forums that can allow students to grow. Online forums are a great way to help students communicate with others in a much more free manner. It will also let students build a much more impactful social presence that will make them ready to take over cognitively.  


Institutions for sure have to get creative with the particular learning methods they imply. Students might not be able to return to campuses for a definite period. They must adjust within the realm of online education and all the dynamics that it offers along. From extensive studies to reduced extracurricular activities, these are some things that students must now expect and fully adjust too. In the end, online education is what will prevail over students for a long time. 



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